Do you feel nourished, gorgeous?

DEEPLY, fully, wholly NOURISHED?

When was the last time you danced your ass off in bright daylight, sober?

When was the last time you closed your eyes and felt the breeze on your cheeks? Or the sun warming your face?

When was the last time you chewed your meal so slowly that you tasted every nuance, every layer in your bite and felt completely & utterly nourished by your food?

Do you secretly crave magic that tickles your spine?

I see you, beauty.

I hear the shout of your struggle.
I feel your desire.

I, too, craved this sensual bliss. This freedom. This magic. But my life looked nothing like it. And I was convinced I could never have it. I was sure that working hard, pushing myself and sacrificing sensory delights and magical moments was ok because I was taught:



If you feel this way, please know that I GET it. I’ve been there. I’ve danced that dance, and I’ll tell you all about it in a moment.

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But first, let’s talk about YOU.

YOU. Crave… A life where every bite tastes like tiramisu.

(and if you don’t like tiramisu, then we’ve got a problem 😉

A life where you wake up feeling satiated, vibrant, embodied and ALIVE!

You. Crave. Pleasure.

Last week I hosted a webinar all about this. You can watch it below.



You know those women, the ones who walk into the room and every head turns? And you think “I want what she’s on!”

Yeah, I know.

She’s drinking up life, my dear. That’s it.

She’s delighted by the little things because her dial is TURNED up. She is awake. She is STRONG in her softness. She is FLUID in her struggle and she is COLORFUL in her thoughts. She feels HELD and taken care of by herself, her tribe and the world around her. She TRUSTS her intuition and she dances into each moment fully present in her body.

She feels like a fairytale character. But she’s real. Because she is you . She’s the you that’s been suffocating under some heavy shit.

What heavy shit, you ask?

Why I’d be happy to step onto my soapbox and rant all about it:

The heavy shit is this belief that THE FEMININE IS UNSAFE.

PP 1

You are living in a world where you are taught that everything from the neck up is of value. And everything below is simply an obstacle.

You are taught that the feminine body is unsafe. That emotionality is unsafe. That leadership sourced from intuition and compassion is unsafe.

So you grow up and try to be the unemotional boss lady with demanding assertion and an ice cold demeanor.

Or the CEO who tones down her natural sensuality and tucks away the power of her intuition under her appropriately-tailored dress shirt.

Or the leader who is ashamed of her cyclical ebb and flow, her emotional ups & downs, and compensates by blocking out any connection to her feminine body.

In the work I’ve been doing with women the last 5 years, and the training I’ve received with Female Thought Leaders like Nisha Moodley, Sheila Kelley, Alisa Vitti and Terri Cole, I’ve realized that we all have become so good at sucking it up, pushing through and letting our masculine lead.

We are living in a world that is asking us to be caffeinated, unemotional, productive and polite.

If you are DONE with this way of doing things, say YES to pleasure below for a chance to jam it out with me on a free call.


For years, I didn’t question it and silently pushed through the misery so I could come out “on top”.

I had everything one could want on paper. Before hitting 30, I had graduated from the top film school in the country, directed my own feature film, ran my own production company and worked a 9-5 at a boutique advertising agency all while living in New York, one of the cities that screams “you have arrived!”

But with that came sleep deprivation, $3 on-set burritos, very little romance and an immense loathing for being the boss who had to say NO to everyone.

To get through it, I learned to operate from an UNEMOTIONAL, masculine place. I had to show up every day with the same amount of energy, whether I was BLEEDING or ovulating or on the VERGE of an emotional breakdown.

Taking lunches was weak and meant I wasn’t dedicated. Sleeping 8 hours was reserved for the time between projects. And demanding a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free meal on set was LAUGHABLE!

My ego loved it.

My soul hated it.

I felt stuck. I had spent COPIOUS amounts of money on my degrees and my production company. Abandoning a consistent, big paycheck and an identity as a successful producer felt like…

…well… A stupid, irresponsible life choice (

Luckily for me,
and for YOU,
our HEARTS know better.

And so began my journey into magical living.

(If you’re interested in how to create this journey for yourself, click here.)

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Here’s the thing,

it doesn’t need to be this way…

All you need to feel truly free is:

  • Permission to feel pleasure in your work AND play,
  • Permission to be your authentic self without any judgment
  • Permission to surrender into your emotions & intuition with a tribe that you trust so you can fully step into your power.

You can lead, live and love from your authentic, messy, whole self.

You don’t need to turn off parts of you to make it in the world.

In fact, by doing that, you are doing us a disservice. The world needs more sensually-nourished, embodied women who are standing up for wholeness, for flow, for magic and for a different type of leadership.

The world needs YOU, in all of your femininity.

Are you ready for that?

Introducing The Pleasure Posse:

A collective journey into embodied power & sensual nourishment.


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You see, throughout my own journey of awakening, I FOUND MYSELF – my pleasure and my power in these 4 magical spaces:

  • Nutrition
  • Sensuality
  • Movement
  • Sisterhood

So I’ve merged my expertise in all of these different areas into ONE comprehensive MASTERY program. The Pleasure Posse will connect you to your authentic power through holistic nourishment, sensual self-study and embodied play with other badass chicks.

Curious how?


In this program, you will master magical living through the exploration of these spaces in your life:


  • Scrap the information overload & “science” articles that claim your body will do best on this or that diet, and choose to listen to your own physiological needs.
  • Stop the body-shaming, body-resenting and negative self. Instead, partner with your body. Together you are 10x more powerful!
  • Master your moon cycle & your hormonal health so you can work with your flow and use your cyclical strengths as a secret weapon.
  • Familiarize yourself with yummy & healthy options that have your belly & taste buds yelling “it’s a party!”
  • Become fluent in the language of your body voice so you can understand what she needs to feel nourished.


  • Explore different embodiment practices that plug you deeper into decoding your cravings, your intuition and your desires.
  • Strengthen the connection to your inner siren and cultivate the magnetic allure and reverence you’ve always craved.
  • Meld your vulnerability into your strongest asset by making space for your inner little girl and all her emotional needs.
  • Envision & craft your leadership-style, as a modern, primal queen.
  • Turn a mundane routine into a magical life filled with sensory delight.


  • Discover round, flowing, circular movement that is MEANT for your feminine body, instead of the boxy, linear, hard-hitting workouts that support male bodies.
  • Identify forms of movement that pamper your body instead of inflict unnecessary pain.
  • Indulge in feminine movement that supports your endocrine system & hormonal health.
  • Learn when NOT going to the gym is actually a good thing!
  • Create moving meditation rituals to get you out of your head & into your body.



What this program includes:

  • 12 1:1 calls with Nadia
  • 12 posse partner calls
  • 6 posse calls led by Nadia
  • 3 full-length virtual Pleasure Playground classes to bring out your inner siren, little girl and primal queen.
  • Private Posse Playground (on Facebook)
  • Free access to my 6-week foundational health program, The Sexy Six: 6 Weeks to a Hotter, Healthier You.
  • Free access to my Pleasure Playground dance starter kit, which includes mini-movement videos for when you’re on-the-go, 5 dance-your-face-off playlists, a dance class resource list and a coupon to a free in-person Pleasure Playground dance class taught by me.




How do I know if this program is right for me? Great question, gorgeous!

  • You know you are a rockstar… but you sense that the way things are going right now is no longer working.
  • Do you feel powerless in the constant pushing but you’re not sure how else to make an impact & reach your dreams?
  • Do you feel burnt out, exhausted and uninspired with your current approach to getting shit done?
  • Do you find yourself viewing your body as an obstacle you must overcome to get shit done?
    • Example thought: “Dammit, here I am bleeding again! If I was a dude, I would have totally rocked this deadline”
    • Or “Fuck, if only I didn’t have this migraine, I would totally go out with the girls for margaritas”
    • Or “Why?!?! Why does my stomach hurt all the fucking time?! *cue sobbing*
  • Do you find yourself confused by how to nourish yourself? Constantly overwhelmed by the barrage of articles that order you to go vegan or Paleo?
  • Do you find you pep-talk yourself into sucking it up so you don’t burden anyone? Plus, you don’t want to appear like you don’t have it all together?
  • Do you feel powerless and unexpressed in your body?
  • Do you dread going the gym?
  • Do you yearn for deep connection with other women?
  • Are you ready to shift gears to a magical, more nourished way of living?

If most of your answers were a YES then it’s time we got you a Pleasure Posse STAT!


Say YES TO PLEASURE and we’ll get you in for an in-depth pleasure discovery session with me (on the house! Woop woop!)

During this session, we will explore your connection to your Inner Siren, Your Primal Queen and your Little Girl and you’ll leave with some pleasure recipes you can cook up right after the call.

But make sure to grab a spot, as I’ve only released a limited amount of discovery sessions and there are only a handful of spots in the program so I can keep the experience intimate and impactful. I want to make sure you get the space and love you deserve.


Spots are limited!
Apply for a Discovery Session before June 20th
for a chance to join The Pleasure Posse


Who am I?

My name is Nadia. I’m a Health & Sensuality coach and founder of The Pleasure Plate. I’ve been working with women for years teaching pole-dancing, sensual movement and more recently, health coaching. I teach Pleasure Playground dance classes and immersion workshops internationally and have coached women in my one-on-one program in Europe, the Middle East, South American and Asia. Oh wait, and the US. I’ve been around, haha. I’m currently a nomad splitting my time between New York, Bali and the Middle East.

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • Have a hard time committing to things fully
  • Have no interest tapping into deeper connections to the divine
  • Feel completely & wholly nourished with your current lifestyle
  • Are just looking for more nutritional/weight loss information
  • Are freaked out by anything spiritual
  • Are looking for a straight up health coach
  • Don’t believe in the power of sisterhood & community
  • Aren’t ready to make a substantial investment into your growth, your health and your body temple.

If you think are a good match for the program but want to learn more about me before applying, knock yourself out here.

If you feel like this is your jam and I’m the right type of (organic) peanut butter but you want to hear from my former clients, check out what they had to say here.

Or watch the super cute video my client Penny shot for you ladies, here.

Are you ready to prioritize your pleasure?
Are you ready to become fully, wholly nourished?