Carolina Varzabetian

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Carolina Varzabetian

I am totally grateful to Nadia Munla.

“When I started Nadia’s program, I had rectitis, ulcers and was medicating both every single day. I didn’t understand why I was so inflamed and felt so bad several times during the day.

It wasn’t until I did the elimination diet that I found out what I was intolerant to and learn how to eat again and trust my body experience.

After finishing this journey with Nadia’s health coaching, I am now enjoying more cooking, sharing my wisdom with friends and feeling empowered because I am fully myself. I am no longer taking medication and my symptoms diminished by 98%. How about that?

I am totally grateful to Nadia Munla. She gave me the chance to find myself again – something I deserved.”

Nadia Munla

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