I recommend filling this out from a place of rapid fire, stream of consciousness, first impulse –- after a meditation,n with a cup of tea, when your mind is silenced and your muse is wide awake.

Your Inner Warrior Queen

Her name is :

Her email is :

Her favorite color is :

Her (sun) horoscope is :

Her favorite crystal/gemstone is :

Her favorite essential oil :

How does she like to dress?

What’s a quirk that people LOVE about her?

Does she have pets?

What’s her favorite city?

These days, she is lovin’ jamming out this song :

She usually is quoted saying :

If she lived in 2015, what would her favorite TV show be?

And who would her favorite celebrity be?

Without thinking much about it, where do you think she lives in your body?

What mantra would you like to gift her?