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Your Pleasure List

July 29th, 2014 | 15 comments


Have you ever written your pleasure list? A list of all things in the world, big or small, that make you go “mmmmm” with a smile? Cuz I highly recommend it.

This month has been incredibly hard for me. I’ve been in a mental rut. Ok this is an understatement. It feels like I’m stuck in quicksand and trying to breath but there ain’t no oxygen – just sand in my lungs. There you go. Your health coach is going through a crisis.

I wanted to share this tool with you because sometimes we are in a funk and all the yoga, meditation, green juicing and netflix binge-watching are just not gonna cut it. (Trust me, I’ve tried 3 different types of yogas in the last week and drinking more water than EVER.)

Sometimes, we need something simpler. A reminder of what brings us pleasure… so we can look at the list of things we love and we can point our finger to one and go: I’m gonna go get that! Cuz everything else sorta sucks right now.

And instantly you have gone from total victimhood to just partial ☺ Baby steps, right?

Anyway, I had so much fun doing this and was instantly uplifted. I could have gone on FOREVER but I know you only have 5 minutes to read this post so I cut it short.

I invite you all to write your pleasure list and share it in the comments below.

So without further ado, here is mine:


Jasmine Green tea
Love notes from my honey
Soft 100% modal sheets
The type of relaxing breeze that merits a nap in a hammock
Black cotton wife beater tanks
Cold steel between my thighs
The happy look on my boo’s face when he tastes something I cooked
Yoga class with Sam Chase on Mondays & Wednesdays at noon
Warm laundry
The soft comforting touch of an S friend during moving meditation
Geeking out on new nutritional theories
A massage with lavender essential oil
A realllllly good cabernet sauvignon
The quiet of 5am
Toes in warm sand
Purple with gold & turquoise with orange
Jasmine flowers
The feeling of scratching that last item off the to-do list
Hearing nothing while meditating
A good tear-jerker film
Saturday brunch with my S gals
Hand-written letters
Salt rock lamps
The steady look on my baby’s face when I’m upset, the one that says “I got you.”
Getting a surprise international call from Walid Ghazal every few months
The sound of my boot slamming against the S floor when I dance
Lemon tarts
Seeing a rainbow of colors on the cutting board when I’m prepping a meal
The safety of my man’s chest
Time with my beautifully gorgeous goddess coaching clients
Victory Garden’s Goat’s milk ice cream
The smell of sautéed garlic & greens
The peace in Snatam Kaur’s voice
Cups of coffee with Jamie Jensen under a blanket
The magic and ecstasy of witnessing my students vulnerably unravel their story through their bodies at S
A hot soup on a cold day
Hugs from anyone who smells good
The butterflies in my belly when I’m holding my man’s hand as we de-board a plane in a foreign land.
A deep deep breath.

15 people have commented
  1. fresh guacamole
    red-stained lips
    a long walk on a sunny day
    shoulder and neck massages from my fiancé… the best.
    walking into a library and feeling all of the possibility
    sunnyside eggs on toast with plenty of ghee
    the smell of fresh-cut grass after a cold winter
    riding down a hill on a bike
    Press 195 fries and dipping sauces 😉
    that first bite of red meat after a long hiatus
    Hail Merry’s chocolate tarts. Good. God.
    a glass of pinot noir and an episode or two of a really, really good show
    that state of flow when you’re creating and forget all about the outside world

    could go on and on… this was pleasurable in and of itself.

  2. Love this! Sooo here goes:

    White tea
    lighting a candle with a match
    salads for lunch
    stepping outside and taking a deep breath
    dancing it out to Beyonce
    midday cuddles with the boyfriend
    reading new samples on my kindle
    making granola bars, or prepping something nice for breakfast
    water with a spritz of lemon
    walking barefoot
    a walk to the health food store
    calling my mom
    sun salutations
    a delicious afternoon nap
    journaling with my favorite pen, in my handmade flower journal 🙂
    getting lost on pinterest

    I could go on and on. 🙂

  3. My Pleasure List
    A new pair of beautiful high heels
    A flea market find
    A flea market
    A good run by the sea – especially an early morning one
    The sea. period. anytime. anywhere
    Chilled white wine. A Chardonnay or semillion
    Argentinian Malbec red wine. In winter. At home. Preferably not alone
    Traveling to new places, by the sea – backpacking is best
    Planning a new trip
    Going out on random adventures with Chadi
    Getting compliments from total strangers – doesn’t hurt if they’re hot eligible bachelors
    Designer armchairs
    Interior design blogs
    Being given lots of money to go spend furniture and home decoration shopping – even if on items that I don’t get to keep for myself
    Apartment viewing
    Having people/friends come over to my apartment and telling me they love its energy. every single time
    My white sheets and the ones with a light gray print on them
    Me waking up slowly and pleasantly from a good night’s sleep in my white sheets or the ones with a light gray print on them
    A Moscow Mule at DragonFly
    Time spent with my mother and sister and a bottle of wine
    Tasting new fruits
    Witty comebacks
    Time spent with Issa talking about everything and nothing and sharing the silliest of passions
    MY yoga teacher correcting my postures and de-stressing my shoulders during class
    Yummy ice cream
    That first drink you have with someone you like that turns into 7 hours of giddy pleasure
    Geometric patterns on furniture
    My kitchen and the most random ingredients in it
    Guests enjoying the parties/events I organize
    Going to Sporting to tan, read, and swim on a random weekday all alone any time of the year – christmas day included
    My ‘first day of the new year’ runs
    Waking up early in my new house and having coffee in my kitchen on a high stool facing the sea
    Baking for someone I love
    Making personalized gifts
    The list goes on. You’re right, Nadia. This is fun. I’ll stop here for now.

  4. Brittany’s Pleasure List

    Iced Chai with Cinnamon and Honey
    High Threadcount Sheets
    Watching the sunset over the ocean
    Feeling the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair
    Moon Salutations at bedtime
    A warm bubble bath with lavendar & rose
    Essential oils and aromatherapy
    An hour-long massage in the middle of the day
    Infrared saunas with meditative music
    Singing along to cheesy 80s music in the car
    Taking a road trip
    Touring wineries in Napa Valley
    Geeking out about the next season of Game of Thrones
    Giving food and money to the homeless
    The smile on a homeless person’s face when you give them food and money
    Talking to my coaches each week
    Listening to You Can Heal Your Life on audiobook
    Peanut butter / banana / chocolate smoothies
    Fall fashion
    Those moments in autumn when it’s not too hot, not too humid, not too cold, everything is JUST RIGHT
    The anticipation leading up to Christmas
    Planning my next vacation
    Laughter of a toddler
    Being able to breathe

  5. My Pleasure List

    Lemon slices
    A back bend that stretches out my lower spine so much that it feels like an orgasm
    An orgasm!
    A warm hug
    Smell of fresh garlic
    An ice Popsicle after a long hot day
    Water. Be it sea, pool, or a morning/afternoon face splash.
    A nice hot bubble bath with a good book to read.
    Bonding time with female clients, nothing like sisterhood.
    In fact, sisterhood in general with women I love.
    That desire and anticipation for a loved partner.
    That feeling that a loved one has got my back
    A good massage.
    Feeling sexy and feminine.
    The feeling after a detox.
    Connecting with my body through movement or just touch.
    Walking around naked
    Unexpected nice surprises
    Watching clients grow in front of my eyes

    Fun role playing or playing out fantasies.
    Smell of melting chocolate.
    Pole dancing
    Waking up to

  6. seeing my daughter’s smile in the morning
    lemon water with AVC in the am
    a really awesome salad
    S factor on thursday mornings
    running 3 miles
    teaching my moms in stroller strides class
    date nights with hubby
    rainy nights at home in PJs
    the beach
    the ocean
    starbucks iced green tea
    watching my beautiful daughter grow
    making an awesome batch of lip balm
    the sun
    fresh air
    sharing kale smoothies with my daughter

  7. Okay, you took my challenge, I will take yours. xo
    In high school, I started a LIKE list – it included things like beets with raisins and deshanks (pointe shoes with the shanks taken out), i don’t remember what else was on it.

    rediscovering espresso drinks
    how late the sun is up in May in France
    families that just welcome you in and include you
    big hugs where you just feel held and safe
    kisses that make your hips tingle
    strutting around the studio needing to kick shit and taking it out on a pole instead
    having things click for a student and seeing that
    giving a note in class or to a client and having that person just look at you with “how did you know?” on their face (or “oh my god, yes)
    having a clean apartment
    having clients that are happy to see me and happy and appreciative to have my hands on them
    peanuts and beer in a ball park
    waking up in a foreign land and finding out the Giants won while I was sleeping
    the release of a good cry
    laying in a big tub with a book and glass of wine
    good beer, good chocolate, good wine, good company
    having people enjoy the pie I bake
    listening to my nieces catch me up about their lives
    talking to my dad on the phone
    listening to my dad tell me stories about my mom or about his family growing up
    hanging out with my sister drinking wine and talking – solving the worlds problems, or at least the ones the container store can help with
    leaping through the air in a wonderful grande allegro
    getting up and taking ballet and feeling strong
    Sara Goodman’s classes
    playing the piano – especially when i do it well
    having my cat curl up next to me
    waking up with someone I adore
    the excitement of travel
    taking country walks in France
    the greenness of Galicia
    eyelash extentions (not having to put on any make up and still having my eyes pop) – yes, i have some vain pleasures too
    curling up in bed with my nieces trying (unsuccessfully) to get them to fall back asleep after they have come down to wake me up
    hammocks in the sun (with a good book)

    i think that is it for now

    miss you, have fun at bm

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