Powerful in Love Series: Part 6

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She doesn’t need to lean in.
She doesn’t need to take up the whole room with her opinions.
She doesn’t need to search outside of herself for what she wants.

She has taken the time to slow down and drop in,
To lean into herself,
To see the world through her body,
And to find what she needs within.

And then she walks in with a secret in her belly and a twinkle in her eye.
Because she knows her own magic,
She knows the irresistible power of her nectar.
She knows what’s possible when he truly feels her.
She knows the moment he tastes her, he will want more and more and more.

But to get to this place, she must traverse mountains in her inner landscape.
She must take the Heroine’s Journey of slaying her inner Demons.
She must travel the road less taken, the road of the body,
She must go into the hidden hills and valleys of her own curves and love them back to life,

Your King doesn’t care what you’re wearing or how much money your last launch made.
He wants to feel your pleasure oozing from every pore, nourishing him.

So stop walking into a room with declarations and opinions that take up so much space,
Let your body talk.
Let your heart open.
Let your exhale be the potion that draws them in quietly.

Be the Siren.
Be the Enchantress.
Be the Queen.

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