A Free Panel Series hosted by Nadia Munla

Let’s get real for a moment and speak to the elephant in the room.

The coaching industry has been a bit of a hot mess lately.

I know many want to dismiss the entire coaching industry…
It’s a cult! It’s a big ole’ MLM

And others are holding on to dear life to their old school sales & marketing tactics
What recession? ANYONE can manifest millions!

The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle.

Coaching is a potent modality for transformation,


The industry has some pretty gnarly, out-dated practices that are no longer relevant and have harmed many.

Both are true.

It’s time we look at what’s working and what isn’t.

Face the shadowy underbelly and explore new ways…

In devotion to YOU. The person we want to guide.

We are right at the precipice of maturation as an industry…

But the last few years have felt like chaotic teenage growing pains.


I wanted to bring together a group of intuitive, feminine leaders who I watched get quiet, observe and listen when everything started getting FUNKY.

I wanted us to have a space to truly look at the industry we operate in, integrate the feedback the world has given us and create a collective vision of the Next Chapter… 

… Because we are not done! 

The Coaching Industry can and will be a place of rich and potent LOVE.

Where you come to be held.

Where you come to be seen.

Where you come to remember who you are and what the world is asking of you.

These leaders are all coaches and teachers I admire because of their choice to always put Truth and collective needs ABOVE trying to win the rate race and make millions.

Some of them have made millions putting collective needs at the center of their work (the sweet spot!)

But all of us are here because we know this is an important conversation to have.

It’s not easy to look at our shadows as individuals.

And it’s not easy for us to look at our shadows as an industry.

But we must walk our talk.

And if we are coaching our clients on how to receive feedback from their loved ones,

We must be able to receive feedback from the world we are serving - instead of turning the other way and pretending it’s not happening.

The Interviews
Illuminating the Shadow of the Coaching Industry
Simone Seol, Jeannine Yoder

Oops, did we Commodify Spirituality?
Dr. Caitlin Gordon, Kendra Cunov, Dajé Alōh

Has Social Media created “Main Character Syndrome”?
Ruby Fremon, Jamie Jensen, Nina Lombardo

Are Moms the Leaders we’ve been Waiting for?
Nisha Moodley, Rachael Maddox, Cara Viana

Honoring Death Cycles in Business without Losing your Mind
Nina Camille, Chelsey Jo Huntsman, Taj Savitri

Where do we go from here?
Jessica Benstock, Kayce Neill, Yemisi Juliana "Luna"
Meet your Host

Nadia is an Embodiment & Intimacy Coach who helps visionaries play at their erotic edge in both their love life and leadership.

She is the creator of Embody by Nadia™, an embodiment method that has helped thousands of women reconnect to their pleasure, power and play and Erotic Mapping, a sensual journey of Erotic Archetypal Discovery.

Embody has been featured at the Health Coach Institute, Soul Camp (East & West), Goddess-on-the-Go, World Domination Summit, and many other events/retreats in Bali, Peru, Tulum and Hawaii. Embody has been taught at a UK Women’s Prison, at an Eating Disorder Clinic and will soon teach classes to teens and WOC fighting depression.

Nadia’s core belief is that embracing our full range is the way we access our deepest potential and create space for an Embodied (inner + outer) Union that heals the planet.

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