Powerful in Love Series: Part 4

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I know what you’re thinking….⁠

“I don’t know that I could ever be as embodied as HER.”⁠
“Of course the men flock to HER.”⁠
“Even if I do all the things, I’m not sure I will ever be as attractive as HER.”⁠

⁠Absolute BS! 

I’ve been witnessing womxn dance their way into their authentic expression for close to 15 years and let me tell you…⁠

There is nothing more embodied, attractive and EARTH-SHATTERING, JAW-DROPPINGLY GORGEOUS than a womxn expressing the truth of her heart THROUGH her body. Nothing.⁠

You know the feeling you get when you watch a sunset? You know how each one is unique and each one takes your breath away in her own way?⁠

That is what Omega/the Feminine inspires in all of us.⁠

Pure enthralling, mouth-watering HOLY F*CK that’s delicious give me more-ness.

It can feel hard to access when we’ve been operating in a man’s world and have no clue how to juice ourselves up again.
When we need help opening a Pandora’s box of ALL our unfelt emotions.⁠

That’s what I do best. Guide you through cleansing, cleaning and finding home within. ⁠

Finding the Enchantress, ⁠
the Siren, ⁠
the Mother, ⁠
the Warrior Queen, ⁠
the Playful Pixie ⁠
and all the other flavors of you. ⁠

So that every time you walk into a room, the heads inevitably turn to you as they would to the most jaw-dropping sunset ever seen.

I’ve opened up my private coaching practice to 3 visionary CEOs/leaders who are powerful AF in their business and are ready to do the same in their love life.

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