Let's get right to it.

You've been taught to have sex like a man.

It's not your fault.

The mainstream media

 (and p*rn) 

did that.

Cosmo magazine

(if you grew up in my era) 

did that.

Even feminism


did that.

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There is a myth that we are supposed to be DOING a lot during s*x.

When in fact, we are supposed to be focused on BEING. on FEELING.

So less reverse cowgirl

and more deep breathing.

Less cup his balls with one hand and corkscrew with the other

(while also massaging the perineum with a mythical third hand!)

and more feeling his power.

Less elaborate role-playing

and more allowing the energy to alchemize from loving to f*cking to loving again.

So let's stop having sex like a man.
(unless that's the pole you are consciously choosing to take.)

And let's learn the Dance of Energetic Sex.

I'll be teaching you how to master your sex life.

No more trying to learn techniques.
Put on certain outfits.
Do this.
Do that.


The Program
We are going to learn about the feminine (vs masculine orgasm)...
We are going to dive deep into energy exchange and tantric practice...
I'm going to help you activate your ecstatic exhale...
Together, we'll practice evoking more masculine out of your partner through more embodied expression...
I'm going to coach you on your specific intimacy challenges and how everything outside the bedroom affects what goes on in the bedroom... 
You'll walk away with a library of practices and 10 hours of live coaching and mentoring with me and a whole new approach on sexual intimacy and sensuality.
This is for the woman who feels stuck, 
in physical or emotional pain during intimacy,
is SO over the low libido,
and is absolutely stumped as to why the passion is gone.
You guys. I'm done holding back my experience with this.
I'm ready to help you find the liberation and ecstasy I thought wasn't possible for me. 
You get 10 hours LIVE WITH ME… (not pre-recorded)
PLUS video practices...
PLUS luscious sensual playlists...
PLUS access to the other women as you all deepen into next level embodied sexual mastery.
My partner Chris Bale will be a guest teacher to bring in the masculine perspective!
So there’s another cherry on top.
The Details:
Fridays at 10am PST
10/14 - 10/31 - 2 weeks of Embodied Practice incubator in the FB group

*Yes there will be replays for every live call.

Who is this for?
Anyone who identifies as woman and is looking to evoke more feminine energy for themselves in their polarity dynamic.
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