A community space to inspire your embodiment, empower sensuality and nourish intimacy.

The Embody Collective is currently paused. Join the waitlist to be in the know about the Collective 2.0!


$97/month after first month

We love gathering.
We love dancing.
We love being in sacred space together.

We also realize this time has been incredibly challenging for everyone.

Whether you’re feeling lonely and isolated in quarantine…
If you’re feeling anxious about money and can’t pay for your usual coaching or therapy… 
Or you’re feeling burnt out and just unable to access your turn-on or your playfulness…

The Embody Collective has got you covered.

Especially with the lack of access to in-person movement classes and bodywork...

We are struggling more and more to stay connected to our bodies.

The truth is… there’s a lot to disconnect and disassociate from this year.

We get it.


The world needs you.

But contrary to what you think, the world doesn’t need you to spend more time on social media trying to keep up with the latest disaster that you need to petition against. 

(Listen we are all for petitioning - but not from a frazzled, guilt-filled, hypervigilant place.)

The world needs you to be vibrant.

Literally, to vibrate.

Because that vibration that is uniquely yours, that expression of your soul through your body is the reason you chose this chapter in history. 

You may not understand why yet - and we are here to help.

The world needs you to be more YOU.

And the way you can truly serve yourself and your community is through embracing more of who you are…
which means discovering more of who you are…
which means creating space to explore who you are.

Your body knows. Let her guide you. Let her fuel you. Let her love you.

It’s a relationship and the best way to love her, to fuel her, to guide her is to prioritize your embodiment, your aliveness, your being.

One way you can do this is by joining The Embody Collective.

Instead of paying $500-$1000+ per month for coaching with one of us (because that's what we normally charge in our private practice)....

You will receive:

  • The wisdom & expertise of FOUR different Embody Facilitators & Coaches. (see below for teachers + topics)
  • Weekly 90-minute LIVE Zoom Embody Classes (+ recordings if you can't catch the live sessions)
  • Spotify Playlists
  • 5-minute embodiment practices to sprinkle into your day.
  • A MONTHLY Virtual Goodie Bag (with meditations, e-book chapters, Embody-at-home sessions)
  • Connection to an entire community of like-minded womxn

All of this for just $97.

(That's not a typo.)

We want to offer this rate for you as a member of the first cohort.

The Embody Collective is currently paused. Join the waitlist to be in the know about the Collective 2.0!

"There are few body-positive, self-love, pleasure-filled spaces that truly live up to their hype. Embody absolutely does."

Kaitlyn Scalisi, Sex & Relationship Coach

Keeping up with self-care has been especially challenging this year….

And when there’s uncertainty, it can be even harder than usual to invest in a coach. 

Good news is you now get access to not ONE coach...

not TWO ...

not even THREE (*gasp*)


You get access to FOUR coaches here to champion your aliveness.

For $97 a month.

(with no commitment)

This is a special rate for the first cohort joining us.

When you break that down - that’s 4 coaches for the price of one movement class a week! 

Weekly Embodiment Coaching
with our Embody Facilitators (topics below)
(valued at $250-500 PER WEEK!)

Weekly Embody Dance Classes
Meet online with the Collective to move, experience and be in community together every week.

PLUS a Monthly *Virtual Goodie Bag* with:

1. A curated playlist (kitchen dancing anyone?)

2. A surprise e-product each month (meditations, e-book chapters, pleasure worksheets & more.)

3. An 5-minute daily embodiment practice (so you can feel more embodied every day without spending an hour on the mat!)

PLUS recordings to all the calls during the time you are a member!

Upcoming Schedule:

Weekly sessions are 90 minutes

How Play Can Help Your Productivity

Week 1: Stephanie - Playful Flow for Enhanced Focus and Clarity

Thursday, Apr. 1 @ 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm UK

Week 2: Cara - Creating from Your Intuition with Playful Ease

Tuesday, Apr. 6 @ 4pm PT/7pm ET

Pop Up Love & Leadership Coaching: Nadia

Tuesday, Apr. 13 @ 4pm PT/7pm ET

Week 3: Kendra - Letting Go of Expectations to Make Room for Some Fun

Thursday, Apr. 15 @ 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm UK

Week 4: Nicole - Creating a Playful Spirit to Unguard Your Heart

Tuesday, Apr. 20 @ 4pm PT/7pm ET

So let's recap real quick.

For under $25/week, you receive coaching and guidance from Embody Facilitators who normally charge HUNDREDS of dollars an hour...

PLUS a weekly movement class.

(Except it’s Embody - which is not just any movement class...)

EMBODY by Nadia an empowering, life-changing, 'reset-button' movement experience.

See what others have to say about it in the video below:

We realize this has been a hard year financially for so many people so we came together to offer something that supported you while also inspiring us!

Even if you can only attend 1-2 sessions a month, you will receive hundreds of dollars worth of coaching and movement therapy for under $100 a month.

PLUS you have access to the recordings for as long as you are a member!

We would love nothing more than to dance, love and enliven with you.

Will you join us?

The Embody Collective is currently paused. Join the waitlist to be in the know about the Collective 2.0!

"I’ve done 5 rhythms before and thought that was incredible. But THIS. This is otherworldly. The ways I was able to feel, move and be so present in my body were amazing.

I had an aha moment laying in savasana where I had clarity for the first time in who I’m here to serve. I felt it in my body. Thank you so much for that gift.

Nadia Munla

Embodiment & Intimacy
(+ Messenger/Creator of Embody)

Kendra Tanner

Self-Expression & Trauma-Informed Leadership
(aka our Resident DJ & Somatics Queen)

Cara Viana

Theta-healing & Energy Magic
(aka our Resident Playful Pixie)

Nicole Xiques

Empowerment & Positivity
(aka our Resident Unguarded Heart)

Stephanie Burg

Soul Alignment & Somatic Healing
(aka our Resident Soulful Introvert)

Monthly Topics include:

  • Trauma-informed Embodiment 
  • Relationship & Intimacy Coaching
  • Empowerment & positivity with Empower Hour
  • Theta healing and energy work
  • Sacred Soul Alignment & Meditation
  • Somatics
  • Body Image
  • Archetypal Healing
    and so much more.

"I had been stuck in making an effort towards any kind of movement for over a year. All the things that used to interest me just made me cringe at dedicating any time to it. I was intrigued and curious about this dance class. I had no idea that it would melt away any resistance I was having towards exercise.

During the class I felt so alive and light. Afterwards, I realized that sweating and feeling the fluidity of my body flow with the music was just what I needed - instead of the hard core running on the pavement. Thank you for awakening my body and soul to the fullest!" 

– Jenn Bradshaw Almond, Wholistic Kinesiologist & Astrologer

Try the Collective.

If you've never experienced an Embody class, you're in luck!

We are offering a LIMITED one month trial.

(valued at $97/month)

The Embody Collective is currently paused. Join the waitlist to be in the know about the Collective 2.0!

$97/month after 30 day FREE trial

If you have any questions, please email us at info@nadiamunla.com.