The Erotic Edge

With Nadia Munla

Elite Private Coaching for…

The Rebel Visionary with a Poetic Heart
The Alchemical Priestess in 6 inch platforms
The Lover with a twist of Scorpio (and an herb cigarette in her mouth)…

…Looking to electrify her body + soul at the edge of her expression
…at the place where her excitement, fear and turn-on meet.

I see you, babe.

You gave it your all.

And it wasn’t met the way you expected.

There is nothing that stings more than offering your heart as a gift and not being met.

The heartbreak is the same…

Whether you put out an offering through your work…
An offering of your soft, surrendered body…
An offering from your poetic heart…

When the outside world doesn’t get it,
Doesn’t meet you there…
When your intentions are misunderstood
And your voice is silenced…

It can harden us.
Shut us down.
Freeze us.

OUR bodies remember the witch trials..

Whether it was the slut shaming in highschool…
The “shhhh” from your parent when you were just trying to play…
Or the visceral remembrance of the actual witch hunts…

It is the loneliest place on the planet.

And I understand it.

Because there is nothing that will shut you down and have you question everything you’ve built when you are faced with annihilation.

I know the terror that comes with complete and total obliteration.

My first 7 years, I grew up in a war zone in Beirut with that being my only reality.

The possibility of death was always around the corner.

I know what it’s like to be terrified that the next explosion is right around the corner.

The possibility of death IS always around the corner.

Whether it’s a failed launch, Cancel culture, Or the rejection of a Beloved.

These seasons in our life are DEATHS.
And they elicit deep terror in all of us.

But what if we became masters of DEATH?

Because let’s face it…
Rejections, getting canceled, and failed dreams will never stop happening…

But what we can do is increase our


And how do we do that?

We become the master of EROS.

We become Alchemical Priestesses

Who’ve learnt how to channel the energy of death through our bodies…

And transmute it into ecstasy.

We have learnt to transform the pain into rapture.

We have learnt to alchemize – through breath and body and bones – the divinity of our hearts.

I know you’ve done so much work already.

So much so that you’re often bored when you look around the personal development space.

You ask “what’s next for me?”

Where can I really be met?

And my answer to you is…

In the depths of your raw, erotic, unfiltered truth. In the damp soil of your grieving, yearning body In the darkness of your heart.

The Erotic Edge

is where you will meet yourself, fully…
The place where your excitement, fear and turn-on meet
The place where you are brought to your knees trembling
The place where you find the ultimate potency of YOU.
The place where you remember who you came here to BE.
You in your fullest range.
In your widest expression.
In your unabashed loving.

That is what’s next…

There is a depth you haven’t yet touched And I can take you there.


  • 6 month container
  • 10 x 1:1 calls
  • 2 days in-person erotic movement
    (can be done solo or with other private clients)
    (Option for zoom video if you can’t travel)
  • Voxer Support
  • Access to my entire Digital library

$11,000 Pay in Full or $2,000/month x 6


  • 3 month container
  • 6 x 1:1 calls
  • 2 days in-person erotic movement
    (can be done solo or with other private clients)
    (Option for zoom video if you can’t travel)
  • Voxer Support
  • Access to my entire Digital library

$7,500 Pay in Full or $2,700/month x 3

“Working with Nadia is like drinking nectar from your soul. What most surprised me about working together was how well she could SEE me without me needing to explicitly express myself. Nadia has a true gift at seeing not only your physical body, but your energetic as well. And somehow (as Goddess’ gift to us all) find a way to reunite the two. Thank you Nadia for seeing me, holding me, and connecting me back to myself!”⁠

Rose Wu,
Storyteller + Money Psychic

“My life is on a new expansive trajectory… I hired Nadia as a mentor and coach after training as an Embody Facilitator. The practice of Embody, along with her guidance and support, has given me the tools and courage to face parts of my self I’ve been resisting for years. “

Kendra Tanner,
Embodiment Coach & EMBODY Teacher

“Nadia is masterful with her ability to feel and see sacredness through the body. She has a unique way of recognizing desire, and activating that in a space that is safe, transformational, and celebratory. Through the exploration of senses, she helped catapult me into soulful erotic expression that was yearning to come alive. My life has expanded both in intimacy and self exploration, and I am breathing and moving with more ease, confidence, and ecstasy than I knew was possible.”

– Hannah Gokllani

Because this is where I started.

My whole life has been about mastering the capacity to be with death.

And the last 13 years have been about using erotic movement and somatic work to take women to that edge.

We will find electric expression of archetypes in you
We will discover titillating ways to seduce the world with your gifts
We will cultivate new ways to have you exhale into somatic sustainability

This is not about basic feminine embodiment. I know you’ve been doing that for years.

You’ve got it down
The pleasure practice

The slowing down
The sensual movement.

You’ve touched so many deep layers,
You’ve unfurled so many of your petals…

But you’re not done. There’s more.

More yearning
More desire
More petals.

This is the Mastery.



The blooming is not done.
Because you’re not one note.
You are a fucking symphony.
As layered as the sunset (or a monolink track)

The cultivation of your Eros

Is what will bring more intimacy to your life in every ARENA.

Intimacy with your animal body
Intimacy with your Divinity
Intimacy with your Beloved.
Intimacy with your Audience.
Intimacy with your inner Masculine + Feminine.
Intimacy with your Range
Intimacy with your Wholeness.
Intimacy with your own POWER.

This is an Elite Mentorship program that mixes online coaching with in-person erotic movement work.

This is not just about getting dressed up in sexy lingerie, wearing feather boas and using crystal wands

This is about descending into the depths of the symphony in your body

And using the colors, flavors and textures of YOU To show up in the world as powerful as you can be

With the capacity, resilience and adaptability To handle whatever is thrown your way,

Because we all know that the call and responsibility of being a leader and visionary
Will bring with it seasons of hardship.
Will offer us lessons and initiations.

And you want to be able to sustain your mission through the waves and cycles of the business.

Through the ebbs and flows in your love life

Through the volatility that life will inevitably serve you.

This work will give you a level of confidence and not giving-a-fuck-ness in your bones that you will breath it in like a motherfucking lioness. And growl “Give me more…”

Because that’s what you’re here for…

“Nadia has a way of taking you further than you think you can go.”
Nina Camille, Owner of Experience Freedom

“Nadia has a gift of being able to read the body.”
Amy Natalie, Feminine Empowerment Coach

“I wasn’t expecting to learn exactly who I was… to really step into me and meet ME. That was probably 10 times worth the program in itself.”
Misha Everts, Holistic Health Coach & Embody Teacher

“It just blew me away! Nadia is not only incredibly caring & nurturing, she holds a presence & power that brings you into the NOW. She guides like an invitation to lead yourself ”
Kate Dineo Bradbury, Self-Love & Transformation Coach

“Nadia is a true artist of embodiment”

Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach


  • 6 month container
  • 10 x 1:1 calls
  • 2 days in-person erotic movement
    (can be done solo or with other private clients)
    (Option for zoom video if you can’t travel)
  • Voxer Support
  • Access to my entire Digital library

$11,000 Pay in Full or $2,000/month x 6


  • 3 month container
  • 6 x 1:1 calls
  • 2 days in-person erotic movement
    (can be done solo or with other private clients)
    (Option for zoom video if you can’t travel)
  • Voxer Support
  • Access to my entire Digital library

$7,500 Pay in Full or $2,700/month x 3


You’ve done the building and scaling of your business
(It made you awesome money but also burnt you out and possibly brought a parade of online hater BS)

You’ve flirted with polarity work and tried on the damsel in distress, lover, maiden archetype… (It led to hotter sex but also restricted your full range because you’re also a rebel and a feisty firecracker)

You’ve done some deep AF trauma work/medicine work and probably still do
(The inner child work was epic AND you’d like to find other ways than puking into a bucket with 10 other people in a tent in Peru to find your truth)

You look around and you’re not quite sure what’s next for you.

You’re hungry and want more.

You can feel there IS more.

You like to be challenged and want a place to explore your rebel, your mystic AND your erotic.

You’re ready to show up messy AF in devotion to your truth.

You can handle fierce love and reflection…

And would like a mentor who’s been through the grit + shit and can meet you there.

You’re looking for someone who has been working in the personal development space for a decade now – and didn’t just hop on the train a few years ago. You’re no longer impressed by the metrics.



You are ready for more.

Radiance has become your top priority,

And you know that the next layer of embodied expression is awaiting you.

You want to find your Erotic Edge…

 The place where your excitement, fear and turn-on meet.

The place where your expression unfurls into its next iteration.

The place where you get to express who you’ve always been

But in fresh new ways that have your whole body, heart and soul come alive.

*I always get on the phone with all fitting applicants so we can check our coaching chemistry and see if this program is the best container for your desires.

“I have hired Nadia at my weekend retreats & mastermind events because her ability to get women out of their heads and into their embodied power is truly a gift and an integral piece to a successful, transformational event.”

Jeannine Yoder,
NY Times Featured Life Coach + Embody Teacher

“Working with Nadia has allowed me to embrace the process of finding and owning my inner voice and actually trusting what it has to say.”

Nicole Xiques, Women’s Life Coach & Embody Teacher

“Working with Nadia reconnected me to a part of myself I had been longing for…a depth of my erotic soul that was longing to be fed. Her carefully attuned wisdom and skill saw under the layers and into my depths…”

Alexandra Roxo,
Best-Selling Author of F*ck Like A Goddess

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