An Advanced Embodiment Lab for 6 couples
Ready to Reignite the Passion + Polarity.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Bring your hands to your heart.

Feel it in your bones,

The remembrance of your birthright.

Ecstasy. Dissolution. Surrender.

That moment on the exhale where we dissolve our boundaries just for the delight of finding them again.
Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Right into your center.

Feel the penetration of your presence into her being.

Wide. Holding the entire universe with your expanse.

And you remember why you're here...

For that moment when you pierce through her heart just for the delight of feeling your own power through her.

Over 6 months, I will be taking 6 couples on a ride into the depths of their energetic bodies so they can find the highest expression of their erotic selves through WHOLENESS.
In sovereignty and in Union.

Through the dance of Love and Freedom.

Through working Inner Union + Wholeness,

And learning embodiment tools that drop you deep into your pleasure and your power.
Program Investment: $6,000 or $1050/month (x6)
This is a mastermind - for the body...
This means we will be weaving the theory and pillars of energetic sex and put them into practice through an embodiment lab.
I am not just teaching. You are practicing.

And what makes this different is....

I have over 12 years of reading bodies - "body whispering" and many years of Polarity Practice.

Unlike other Polarity coaches, I am an expert at dropping you into your embodied experience through my verbal guidance and presence as I've guided over thousands of women into embodiment practice.

I will observe and give feedback on every single couple/individual and the dynamic I’m observing during labs. 

In addition, you will have private embodiment + relationship coaching sessions but with the benefit of practicing in an intimate setting with other couples working with similar themes and challenges.

This is an invite-only space.
(and some of the spots have already been claimed by current clients)
Since this is an advanced container, it is highly recommended that you have either:
1) Done polarity/somatic work before
2) Worked with Nadia in some capacity
3) Book a couples/single session with Nadia as you apply
If you have not done any of the above but feel you are still a fit, feel free to apply and share more in there.
Monthly Group Practice Labs (3 hrs)
In these intensives, we will be working on Zoom video with key tantric practices that will help you cultivate more polarity, passion and overall embodied connection in your intimacy.

Monthly Private Coaching (1 hr)
Each month, couples will have a private 60-minute coaching session.
Dates for Labs:
February Lab: Friday, 2/17
March Lab: Friday, 3/17
April Lab: Friday, 4/21
May Lab: Friday, 5/19
June Lab: Friday, 6/16
July Lab: Friday, 7/21
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Program Investment: 
$6,000 or $1050/month (x6)
What you will learn:
  • Energy Flow + Partner Breath: How to use breath to bring you into deeper connection + turn-on.
  • Erotic Mapping: I will use my method of EM to teach you how to embody different Erotic Archetypal Energy in your system to evoke and inspire your partner
  • Different Orgasmic Energies: How to resensitize your body for more sensuality and energetic orgasms
  • Embodied Love Languages + Body Synergy: Aligning the different way that a woman and a man experiences giving + receiving love
  • Genital Worship: Fall in love with giving reverence to your Beloved.
  • Inner Union Work: Bringing your WHOLENESS into your relationship
  • Embodied Presence: How not to let your monkey mind (+Inner critic) cock block your intimacy.
  • For Men: How to soften your partner when she is stressed out and "not in the mood"
  • For Women: How (+when) to become an invitation when your heart is closed.
Please note that I strive to hold a safe + trauma-informed space for levels of energetic intimacy that you haven't touched yet as a couple.

Everything we do will be optional and clothes will remain on at all times....
Now what you do AFTER the call... is up to you ;)

Yes, I want in!
After receiving your application, we'll reach out to schedule a connection call.

Nadia is an Embodiment & Intimacy Coach who helps visionaries play at their erotic edge in both their love life and leadership.

She is the creator of Embody by Nadia™, an embodiment method that has helped thousands of women reconnect to their pleasure, power and play and Erotic Mapping, a sensual journey of Erotic Archetypal Discovery.

Embody has been featured at the Health Coach InstituteSoul Camp (East & West)Goddess-on-the-GoWorld Domination Summit, and many other events/retreats in Bali, Peru, Tulum and Hawaii. Embody has been taught at a UK Women’s Prison, at an Eating Disorder Clinic and will soon teach classes to teens and WOC fighting depression.

Nadia’s core belief is that embracing our full range is the way we access our deepest potential and create space for an Embodied Union that heals the planet.

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