An Intimate Group Coaching Program

I am in fierce devotion to your heart and your body... always...

... Which is why I'm creating a container to support your deeper dive into this journey of LOVING WHOLE. 

The POWERFUL IN LOVE Incubator will be a space for 5 women to come together to dive deeper into the matter of the heart.

5 Women.
Deep & Intimate.
Lush & Grit.
1:1 Coaching in a group cocoon.
Relationship. Polarity. Embodied Union. Sensual Nourishment.


This is for the woman who is powerful AF in her business and is ready to do the same in her love life
This is for the woman who wants to bring the richness back into her inner landscape and the electricity back into her love life. 
This is for the woman who is ready to break free from the old paradigms of love & relationships and is ready to claim the revolution in her heart.

If you've been wanting the potency and transformation of 1:1 coaching at the price point of a group container, this may be for you.

4 months. July - October.
2 calls per month. 2 hrs each.

Must have previously worked with a coach.
Must identify as a leader, visionary, change-maker and lover.
Must be ready to champion the other women in the program.

Working 1:1 with me is anywhere between $10 - 20k.

I don't do big group programs. It is not in my joy.

I work with a handful of leaders, deeply, intimately and luxuriously... yumm. just how my scorpio-heart loves to do it.

So if you want the deeply transformative 1:1 experience at a smaller investment, this is it.

This will not be a course with curriculum. 
This will not be watered down polarity exercises.
This will not be a group program where you sometimes show up.

Calls will be:
Wednesdays at 10am PT/1pm ET
July 14 & 28
August 11 & 25
September 8 & 22
October 6 & 20

This is a Love Cocoon. 
You bring your questions, desires, confusions.
I coach you effectively.
You show up fully.
I show up fully.
Together, we rewire our entire relationship to Love. 

Investment: $5000

Payment plans available.

(If your application is accepted, we connect on the phone to make sure it's a fit.)

Thank you for being YOU.

Whether we connect one-on-one this time or not, I'm celebrating you. 
I see your hopeful romantic heart.
I see the tears that are watering the soil of your union.
I see your rightful ecstasy.
And your yearning to be fully met.

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Nadia, an Embodiment & Intimacy Coach and the creator of Embody by Nadia™. I coach and train visionaries & magic-makers in the art (and science) of Embodied Leadership and Revolutionary Intimacy.

Embody has been featured at the the Health Coach Institute, Soul Camp (East & West), Goddess-on-the-Go, World Domination Summit, and many other events/retreats in Bali, Peru, Tulum and Hawaii. Embody is also being taught at a UK Womxn’s Prison, at an Eating Disorder Clinic and will soon teach classes to teens and WOC fighting depression. 

My core belief is that embracing our full range is the way we access our deepest potential and create space for an Embodied Union that heals the planet.

  (To see who I’ve trained with, click here.)