Powerful in Love Workshop
with Nadia Munla
We've got Power in Love ALLL WRONG!

Feeling empowered in dating isn't about making the first move Bumble-style. ⁠

Or the other way round...⁠

Letting them take the lead (...SO much that you find yourself at a sushi place when you don't even eat sushi.)⁠

Feeling powerful in your partnership is not about getting what you want at the end of a fight and always having the last word.⁠

Or the other way round...⁠

Surrendering to the toxic dynamic as a "twinflame-imago situation that your soul chose."⁠
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Power in love is about showing up WHOLE.⁠
If you haven't explored, practiced and built your capacity for wholeness, relating is going to throw you off.⁠

You will find yourself overriding your needs⁠
Violating your own boundaries⁠
and Allowing your Inner Child to lead most arguments.⁠
Power in love is about showing up WHOLE.⁠
... With your Inner Child safe ⁠
... With your heart's deepest longing alive and pulsating through your body⁠
... With your commitment and willingness to do the work⁠
... With your willingness to surrender to what life has in store for your Love life (timing, outcomes and the whole enchilada.)⁠
Power in love is about showing up WHOLE.⁠
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⁠To explore these 4 energies with your mind and then integrate them into your body with my guidance, take this 2-hr workshop.

It will offer you a whole new way of BEING.

(You are purchasing a recording of a live workshop.)

If you have any questions, please email support@nadiamunla.com.
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