In our industry, we are often told “consistency” is KEY to building trust with your community.

You must post 1 x a day on Instagram.
You must send a newsletter once a week.
You must launch the same shit at the same time each year.

The problem with this statement is that it causes immense pressure on every entrepreneur to show up ALL the time – no matter what.

And if they don’t, it assumes that they are somehow not trustworthy and not deserving of their clients trust… code word -> their clients’ money.

I call bullshit.

And I say I want no part in this rhetoric.

Part of why I decided to run my own business was to free myself from:

  • The Rules
  • The “Should”s
  • The Patriarchal Standards
  • The Capitalistic Standards
  • The inhumanity of never-ending productiveness
  • And the complete disregard of feminine cycles in our bodies.

I would like to redefine “Consistency.”

I would like to offer a version of consistency where I show up consistently as a WOMXN!

And I am consistently honoring my cycles.

A female body resides in 4 different hormonal bodies PER MONTH!

Each week, her hormone levels allow her to be a genius at different things.

Instead of being a part of the old rhetoric, I plan to embody the feminine leader that shows up consistently within her cycles.

Let’s look at my friendships in my life. Every woman in my life at this point understands that canceling because I am bleeding or texting back that I am under-resourced does not mean I am not trustable or that I love them any less. It simply demonstrates that I am loving me as well.

Both can exist.

You don’t have to sacrifice your own needs to show up consistently for your community and clients.

This is the equivalent of being in a codependent relationship.

Part of freeing the feminine body of oppression means allowing her to ebb and flow.

And part of being a feminine leader means normalizing that we are cyclical beings, of nature…

And that love can be consistent in both action and inaction, in both outward communication and inward introspection.

I argue we are all consistent. Consistent in honoring ourselves. Which means consistent in honoring YOU.

Being that we are at the beginning of a new year, I wanted to let you know of a few things you can depend on me for in my own cyclical consistency:

  1. Moving forward, the intention is set to send ONE main newsletter out a month that offers you all my blog posts of the month plus awesome events & podcasts I want you to know about! I personally don’t love getting TONS of emails from one mailing list and prefer a magazine-style monthly box. That’s what we are working towards. The only exceptions will be when I’m launching a program or when I am suddenly overtaken by something I MUST tell you about RIGHT now! Lol..
  2. Last year, Embody spent a lot of time getting clarity on what our community guidelines are and what we are devoted to as a family & community with regards to diversity & inclusion. You can read about that here.
  3. My intention is always to offer sensual delights in different forms in your inbox. Poems, Musings, Sonic Experiences, Juicy Conversations and inspiring collaborations. Just like opening a box of chocolates, I invite an experience of surprise and delight, and hope my letter to you keeps you connected to the magic in the mundane and the deep love in your heart.

I will be putting more love and care into my newsletter as I slowly work on releasing my own codependent relationship with the Z*ckerburg Empire.

I hope you stay for the delights, and if you are no longer feeling resonant with my work, I wholeheartedly urge you to declutter. It can feel amazing!

I love you all. Thank you for being here.