My story in a nutshell:

messy-happy-copy-2circleI’m a health & sensuality coach who believes in a life filled with sensual magic, lots of belly laughs & a pleasure-filled, nourishing diet.

I try to dance as much as I try to snuggle under a soft, velvet blanket. I enjoy my steak & bordeaux as much as I do my massive kale salad. I wake up each day and fiercely devote myself to a world where women can feel safe and vibrant in their sensual, erotic & gorgeous feminine bodies.

I believe in a combo of hustle & flow, of intensity & lightness, of excavating & championing.

I believe that a woman is most powerful when she can embrace her range. When she can embrace her feminine & masculine. Her light & dark. Her joy & her rage.

I believe that our bodies are boss. Always. And when we get on the same team, and start to understand how our bodies speak to us, we can see their innate way of recalibrating & healing themselves.

I came to these realizations & this lifestyle through my own journey to embodiment which you can read about HERE.

For years, I didn’t question it and silently pushed through the misery so I could come out “on top”.

I had everything one could want on paper. Before hitting 30, I had graduated from the top film school in the country, directed my own feature film, ran my own production company and worked a 9-5 at a boutique advertising agency all while living in New York, one of the cities that screams “you have arrived!”

But with that came sleep deprivation, $3 on-set burritos, very little romance and an immense loathing for being the boss who had to say NO to everyone.

To get through it, I learned to operate from an UNEMOTIONAL, masculine place. I had to show up every day with the same amount of energy, whether I was BLEEDING or ovulating or on the VERGE of an emotional breakdown.

Taking lunches was weak and meant I wasn’t dedicated. Sleeping 8 hours was reserved for the time between projects. And demanding a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free meal on set was LAUGHABLE!

My ego loved it.

My soul hated it.

I felt stuck. I had spent COPIOUS amounts of money on my degrees and my production company. Abandoning a consistent, big paycheck and an identity as a successful producer felt like…

…well… A stupid, irresponsible life choice.

Luckily for me,
and for YOU,
our bodies know better.

My body simple said I have had enough. In fact, she had had enough many years ago but I hadn’t learned her language yet so I hadn’t realized that she was holding a bullhorn and screaming for my help when:

– I had migraines
– Kept dating the emotionally-unavailable people
– Broke out into hives & cold sores all the time
– Slept 4-6 hours a day
– Felt stuck & helpless in a world of overwhelm
– Suffered from recurrent candida overgrowth
– & 2 ulcers
– Could not have sex without emotional & physical pain
– Never-ending dandruff
– Painful periods that had me in bed for days
– Chronic Fatigue
– And honestly the list goes on… but I think you get the picture.

nadia-172circleWhen I started to listen to my body…. Really listen. Not try to drown her in my own agenda of what I think she should be doing, or how she should be looking or at what pace she should be performing. When I truly listened, and allied with her and trusted her innate wisdom, all of these ailments & challenges went away.

The power of listening.

Are you ready to listen to your body? To learn her language? To sync with your feminine cycle? And trust her wisdom? Find out how here.

Still not sure if I’m the right match for you?

Quirkie Facts About Me:

  • Anything purple makes me very happy.
  • I have a weird resistance to measuring ANYTHING. – which is why baking is not my forte.
  • I pole dance wearing two different pairs of shoes.
  • When I was in high school, I headed the first chapter of Roots & Shoots – a global environment club by Jane Goodall. Needless to say, this did not make me very popular with the boys but I did get to meet Jane who is one of my biggest idols.
  • My favorite chocolate is Choco Love Chilies & Cherries dark chocolate. They have love letters on the inside of their wrappers and I’m convinced that love should taste the way this chocolate does – sweet & spicy.
  • I spent 6 months living in an attic in Beirut – more on that when we chat…
  • I am a certified S-factor, X-pole and Fly Gym instructor.
  • I directed a feature film called “Hannah has a Ho-phase” in 2011 which is basically an “American Pie” for gals – and it was shot by an entirely all-woman crew. Yay Pussy Power! You can watch it here.
  • My friends & family have nicknamed me Nurse Nadia because I’m constantly recommending different holistic & alternative treatments to colds, headaches and tummy aches. This led me to get certified at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
  • I have a tattoo on the back of my neck designed by an amazing Iraqi calligrapher, Wissam Shawkat that reads Balance in Arabic. It’s the only tattoo he has ever designed!
  • I’m an ENFJ. Both my sun & moon land in Scorpio. No wonder I ended up a pole-dancer.
  • What lights me up more than anything in the world is seeing a woman stepping into her full radiance & potential!