I’m Nadia and I am here to champion your aliveness. I guide you towards a life where you are ALL IN. Where you can feel intensely, love fiercely, and lead powerfully.

As a womxn’s embodiment coach, I work with leaders, innovators and visionaries who are doing magical things in the world but who are still missing the connection to their truest compass and most powerful ally… their bodies.

You hold back because you don’t trust your heart’s capacity to break open.

You hold back because you fear that if you experience this loss (whether a partner, an investment or ego) that you will never make it back from the darkness.

You hold back because you don’t believe you have the strength to open EVEN more in the face of heartbreak.

I see you. I know that your deepest desire is to love fully and freely, to stop hiding your closeted mystic and your scared ecstatic rebelle and to lead from your truth.

Hold my hand and let me take you to my most vulnerable and liberating moment on stage.

(Because my championing of your full expression begins with the embodiment of mine.)

I’ve trained/worked with:

• Somatic Psychotherapist & High Priestess
– Elayne Kalila Doughty
• Women’s Leadership Coach
– Nisha Moodley
• Meditation Expert & Relationship Coach
– Terri Cole
• Source-eress & Energy Coach
– Jody England
• Founder Of SFactor Movement
– Sheila Kelley

• Love & Relationship Coach
– Annie Lalla
• Trauma Resolution Educator, Coach and Guide
– Rachael Maddox
• Women’s Health Expert
– Alisa Vitti
• Healer & Soul Guide
– Ginny Muir
• Embodied Intimacy Coaches
– John Wineland & Kendra Cunov

I would like to thank all these teachers (and the many more I haven’t named here) whose work, mentorship and guidance has deeply influenced my own coaching and creations in the world.

I’m also:

A teacher • A leader • IIN – Certified Integrative Health Coach • A writer • A bridge • A modern nomad • A Double Scorpio • An ENFJ • A pole dancer • An HD projector & a sensualist • An activist • A lover • A mystic • A poet • An ecstatic rebelle • A feminist and music-lover • A champion of compassion and truth-seeker


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