I’m Nadia, a womxn’s Embodiment & Intimacy Coach (& rule-breaking sensualist.)

I work with leaders, innovators and visionaries who are doing magical things in the world but who are still missing the connection to their truest compass and most powerful ally… their bodies.

I teach you how to stop managing your body and start loving her instead… so you can feel confident, sexy and powerful in business (and the bedroom).


“Nadia is a true artist of embodiment”

– Nisha Moodley, Womxn’s Leadership Coach 

Want to fall back in love with being a womxn?

Through sensual nourishment, feminine movement and cultivating a deep trust in your sacred body wisdom, I will help you heal your relationship with your body and initiate you into your full power so you can experience a level of self-love, self-expression, intimacy and leadership you didn’t think was possible.

So, tell me love…

Where are you in your embodiment journey?

What Energy do you Embody most?

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Embody Manifesto


This is a place where we shed the world’s agendas

This is a place where we peel away the layers plastered on our experience…
Strip off the lies that stifle our erotic essence and our radiant hearts.
This is where we explore Our Pleasure. Our Play. Our Power.

This is where we come home.
Home to ourselves.
Home to our truth.
Home to our sacred sensuality.

The Powerful in Love program is now accepting applications!

Powerful in Love Program

“There are few body-positive, self-love, pleasure-filled spaces that truly live up to their hype. Embody absolutely does.”

– Kaitlyn Scalisi, Sex & Relationship Coach

Are you looking to bring EMBODY to your community?


Embody has been featured at the following events:

Health Coach Institute • Goddess on the Go NYC • Captivate by New York Times featured Coach Jeannine Yoder • Soul Camp East • Soul Camp West • World Domination Summit • Alex Jamieson’s Client Immersions • Melissa Kathryn’s San Diego Retreat • Ginny Muir & Cora Poage’s Peru Retreat • Nisha Moodley’s Retreats in Bali, Maui and Tulum

Embody will bring a new level of play, presence, and engagement to your event as well as offer your clients a deeply transformative experience.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your event, an online group program, or offer your clients a customized Embody class, I got you!

Contact us at for details & rates.

Embody is the perfect addition to any live event!

“Nadia takes participants on a movement journey through all their different archetypal energies using everything from Katy Perry to Beastie Boys to Sufi music. This workshop is the perfect way for women to peel off their every day persona and get deeply rooted in their authentic & vulnerable selves.

I have included Embody in my weekend retreats & mastermind events because her ability to get women out of their heads and into their embodied power is truly a gift and an integral piece to a successful, transformational event.”

-Jeannine Yoder, NY Times Featured Life Coach


Embody strives to be a safe space for all.

As a business, we try to adopt new sustainable and eco-friendly practices to the best of our abilities.

If you feel we can do better, we appreciate your anonymous feedback. We’re listening.

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