You often feel you can’t speak your truth and don’t even know where to start to connect to your pleasure, your turn-on and your feminine body.

You want more play in your life but you’re scared it comes at the price of your productivity or impact in the world.

You know somewhere in the depths of your being that you are powerful but right now you just feel stuck, heavy and stressed.

You are an extraordinary woman with a deep thirst for ALIVENESS.

You have an insatiable hunger for magic & goosebumps but you usually just find yourself going through the motions. The fear of heartbreak, rejection, judgement, and making the wrong choice stop you from going ALL IN.

You are kicking ass in life and have checked off a lot of the boxes but you can’t escape the nagging feeling that something is missing

Here are the ways you can work with me

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“Working with Nadia has allowed me to embrace the process of finding and owning my inner voice and actually trusting what it has to say.”

– Nicole Xiques, Women’s Life Coach & Embody Teacher

My work with you primarily involves work on unblocking the throat and sacral chakras.

These are the two energy centers in the body responsible for so many of the obstacles womxn face in a patriarchal system.

Throat: Speaking your truth, self-expression & boundaries

Sacral: Pleasure, ecstasy, sensuality, femininity & creation

The meeting point between these two chakras is the heart. It is also the center of your power as a feminine creature.

Together we work on fearless loving & deep intimacy.

Intimacy with yourself, with Source and with those around you.

You deeply desire to love fully, freely and openly but find yourself terrified of the heartbreak that comes with that.

You want intimacy where you are seen, heard and deeply desired. You want a romantic life where you can lean back, exhale and let yourself be cherished while still in your power.

You want a life that’s full of ease and flow and ecstasy but when you look at the womxn who have it, you don’t believe it’s real…

I’m here to show you that this is just a story and that it’s your birthright to feel this aliveness.

I’m here to reflect to you what’s stopping you from remembering your truth.

I’m here to remind you how to strip away the noise and return to your essence.

“Throughout my time working with Nadia, she helped bring me slowly back to life and into my feminine flow.”

– Crystal Cave, CEO of PoppyRow

My Elite Mentorship Program for Leaders & Entrepreneurs ready to deepen & expand their service to the world through embodiment.

10 months. 10 womxn.

And a lifetime of aliveness again.


Together we dive deep to create a custom program for your embodiment and intimacy goals. Through sensuality and somatics, you will learn how to step in a new paradigm of *Embodied* leadership so you can heal your relationship with your body, your femininity and your heart.

Key themes in my clients’ journeys include finding your voice, creating safety for your inner little girl, calling in your King and creating a life supportive of your ALIVENESS.

My coaching packages start at $10,000.

Let’s deep dive into ONE goal you have. As part of the immersion, you will go through the Embodied Power Process which in itself is transformative. Then we will spend 4 hours digging in, rearranging and coming up with a game plan that supports your feminine heart and your masculine drive. I see you. Structure and flow. Heart and hustle. Let’s do it.


(Can be split into 2 sessions if needed.) 

“My life is on a new expansive trajectory…

I hired Nadia as a mentor and coach after training as an Embody Dance Class teacher. The practice of Embody, along with her guidance and support, has given me the tools and courage to face parts of my self I’ve been resisting for years. “

– Kendra Tanner, Embodiment Coach & EMBODY Teacher