Why don’t I feel sexy?

Originally written: July 2nd, 2018   Ever wonder that? Sometimes, no matter how much you try to connect to your “sexy”, you simply feel unattractive, uninspired and “meh”. This is because you are searching for your sexy in the wrong places! You think it might be...

What is Embodiment Coaching anyways?

Originally written: April 3, 2018   I get this question pretty frequently, because unlike life, love or business coaching, embodiment can be a confusing concept. Simply put, the goal of embodiment coaching is to get you more connected to your body. And the reason...

Womxn, Embodiment is our Biggest Ally Right Now

Originally written: October 9th, 2018 Shutdown. Denial. Dissociation. These are our biggest enemies. Numbing out. Repressing. Disconnecting. These will close our hearts. And if we are warriors of divine love, this contraction is how we lose our superpowers. Let’s not...



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