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Coconut-encrusted chicken tenders

June 24th, 2013 | no comments

Coconut-encrusted chicken tenders with garlic brussel sprouts and thyme-sumac fingerling potatoes.

Potatoes: A+
Brussel Sprouts: A+
Chicken: B with a plan on how to make it better next time.

My friend and I were discussing how to make chicken tenders without flour or egg and decided to try something without a recipe. We mixed a dijon, olive oil and honey marinade for the chicken and then breaded it with gluten-free flour and coconut shreds and then baked for 20 mins. The result was a not very crisp breading. We decided we LOVE the coconut shreds but may not use the flour unless we pan fry the chicken. Also, we would really go crazy on the dijon next time.

Cut into halts, throw into a casserole dish. Add olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Cook for 20-30 mins (based on size)

Boil fingerling potatoes for 30 mins. Cut into pieces. Throw into a pan with olive, sumac, and zaatar (a lebanese spice mix of dried thyme + sesames.) Saute for 5 mins.

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