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August 15th, 2013 | no comments


Alright, Ladies. So I’m the type of gal that showers with $5 shampoo and a bar of dial, no problem. But the ONE place I always splurged was my face wash and face cream. I used to get that shit shipped from New Zealand when they stopped selling it in the US.

But since I’ve started to eat organic as much as possible, I’ve started to realize that it doesn’t make sense that I’m feeding my body all this good stuff but then dousing my skin with chemicals… well… sigh… I was nervous. I’ve had a loving relationship with my face products for over 10 years now. I wasn’t sure I was ready to move on… until I had no choice.

LAST MONTH, MY FACE WASH WAS DISCONTINUED. Apparently, I was the only girl getting it shipped across the world.

So I decided it, fuck it. I’m trying coconut oil. Everyone keeps talking about how it’s anti-microbial and anti-fungal and anti this and that and I’m like yeah but it’s OIL!!! AUGHHHH.

If you’re thinking the same thing, find solace in the fact that I am going to be your guinea pig. For the next month, I am going to use nothing on my face except coconut oil. To clean and to moisturize and I’m going to keep a diary. Let’s see if I end up looking like a pimply teen again or a radiating goddess.

DAY 1: I just took the jar from my kitchen pantry into the shower. It was already liquid-y so I just put my finger in and spread it across my face while praying real hard. As I did that, I thought I should probably have researched how to apply it before just throwing it on my face.

My face had an oily film to it which was freaking me out. To my relief it got thinner when I wiped hard with my towel once I stepped out of the shower. To my dismay, make-up application felt a little more slippery than usual.

Within an hour I forgot about the whole thing. Probably because I was fixating on some dating drama I was having…

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