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January 31st, 2017 | no comments


(aka 11 Ways to Soothe Your Nervous System)


Times are a little cray cray right now. Here is a list of my favorite ways to soothe my nervous system when I find myself going into panic, anxiety, shut down, freaking out, seething anger, total numbness or a concoction of all the above.

You probably do a few of these items already but I figured, hey, we all could use a little reminder right about now! Plus, there’s a few I bet you haven’t tried yet which might come in handy right about now.

(Also I’m not an affiliate for any of these suggestions.)



Yes, this is #1 on my list. There is nothing like the solace of a soft, warm, fuzzy blanket or sweater to cocoon. The warmth signals safety to your body which is precisely what we want your reptilian brain to register.  My favorite fuzzy luxury item is Plum & Bow Faux Fur Throw in Ivory from Urban Outfitters. I swear I live under this at least 50% of my day.



Lavender is a particularly relaxing and soothing essential oil which you can rub into your palms, wrists, inside elbows and temples. Other soothing oils include frankincense, chamomile and rose. I like Doterra but I hear Young Living is great as well.



If you have not used this before, get on it. You can buy it at most health food stores or online. Rescue Remedy is a blend of different flower essences that capture a specific vibration. I know, sounds crazy. But I swear this was the only thing that worked nearly as good as shots of whiskey when I was having full blown panic attacks in my teens & 20s. $13 on Amazon.



This is a few simple soothing feminine moving meditations that I offer as a gift on my site. It includes a sensual meditation, videos & some playlists to help you sink into your feminine and recalibrate your system. Free at



I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Hugs are the best. When we hug our bodies release oxytocin and lower cortisol. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that our collective cortisol is off the charts this week and if you’re anything like me, you spent half of yesterday daydreaming about pizza, donuts and more pizza. I ended up trying to make vegan, gluten free brownies which was a total disaster but I digress. Point is, hug so you can feel better and not add on unwanted weight. Free at your nearest human.



I know. It’s genius.

No but for realz, slowing down your breath by simply counting to 5 (or 10) with each inhale and exhale doesn’t look like you’re doing much but inside your nervous system is regulating back to a place where you are not operating in fight/flight mode but from your neocortex instead.



That shit works. I don’t get it. I don’t care. I don’t even know the names of half the crystals I have. But when I feel that knot in my solar plexus, I usually lay down and plop whatever crystal feels right on that area. I’m someone who needs science and fact to get on board any idea so so the way my brain accepts all of this is I think about physics. I think about crystals like magnetic sponges that can suck up my excess energy. And like magic, it’s gone. Where to buy these guys? Just follow the incense.



This stuff is what I’ve been taking all week, thanks to Rachael Maddox who suggested it to me. It feels similar in my system to Rescue Remedy but it’s basically a tincture of 135 vibrations from different natural elements – so not just flowers. A small bottle is like $8.



Dave, my stuffed elephant featured in the photo, who some of you know is half-Colombian and half-NY Jew is by my side every time I feel my inner little girl start to freak out. I think it takes a lot of courage to admit as an adult that you need a stuffed animal. But when you take that leap, you never go back. Who’s with me? Lol. (Find some at or ideally, a local store kid’s store.)


10) YOGA

Must I explain why?


11) A BATH

Add epsom salts and you are officially the closest to recreating the feeling of being in your mom’s womb. Where everything was safe and you just could BE. No care in the world. No agendas being pushed on you. No gold stars you had to work towards. No borders or walls. And definitely no sense of THE OTHER.


Which one are you going to try first? What are your favorite ways to soothe your nervous system that are not on this list? Share with us below or in the Facebook group.

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