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Embody yo Body

May 19th, 2015 | 2 comments

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As I bid farewell to Bali and return to New York, I find myself wanting to stay truly connected to all my senses and the deep level of embodiment I feel when I am on the beautiful island of Bali. I saunter through Bali. I stop and smell the roses (or should I say the frangipani flower), I can spend 20 mins watching the geckos on the wall, or listening to the rain splatter on the leaves.

In New York, it’s so easy to get right back to running across town at lightning speed so you can make sure to hustle your way through your to-do list in time for happy hour drinks with your girls. And not to say this is quintessentially wrong. You all know how much I love me a dirty martini with my gals.

I love both lifestyles.  I love both paces.  But the more time passes, the more times I return to New York, the more I crave an integration of the Bali in me with the New York in me.

Are you craving a similar balance? Of hustle and ease? Of movement and stillness? Of reaching for the stars and spending the night just watching the stars?

If so, watch this video here where I explore a bunch of different embodiment practices I try to integrate into my daily life to help with the whole you know “being in yo body thang.”

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  1. Heck yes, I love this video! I’m totally going to start the lunch-time dance party to get me embodied in the energy of nourishment 🙂

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