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When Is Fear Your Friend?

January 13th, 2017 | no comments


I’ve personally been feeling SUPER juiced up because I’ve been spending my days connecting with women interested in Your Embodied Life  – the 4-month group program we begin in February – and let me tell you, there is nothing I value more in life than connection. So for me, a chance to meet a new woman in my community always nourishes me.

As I continue to connect with more women going into next week, I’m realizing there might be a few of you who have been eyeing this program but have a bunch of noisy mind chatter that’s overwhelming you. I get it. I used to be the queen of pros & cons lists.

I’m here to help you get rid of the noise and the mind chatter that might be stopping you from hearing your body’s voice.

Here are some of the questions that have come up from women in the community:

(….and if you this is the first time you’re hearing of this program, you can read about it here)


Nadia, who is this program for?

Why let me tell you, darling… This program is for the rockstar, driven woman (and anyone who identifies as a woman) who has been taught to lead using her masculine energy. As a result her body, her sensuality & her femininity have suffered and she’s finally ready to tap back into her embodied feminine so she can achieve a sense of balance in life. I usually work with women on their embodiment journey in layers. We start with the physical body and move our way out into the energetic/emotional. I do this through sustainable healthy eating, embodiment practices, meditations and dance.

Ooooh ooooh that’s me!!!! I might be interested. What do I do next?

Awesome. All you need to do is book a no-pressure, no-commitment call with me where we’ll connect and explore your desires. If this program will best serve your desires, we’ll talk about what it looks like to join the group.

When does the program start?
First week of February so book your call ASAP cuz my calendar is already close to full with eager women… I did mention I serve rockstar, driven women right? 😉

I want to Nadia, but the budget, Nadia, the budget…

Listen, I get it. I had a full year where my monthly coaching payment was double my rent and guess where it was all going? Credit card cuz I was barely making rent being a first year entrepreneur. Do I regret the decision? Absolutely not. It completely pivoted my entire life journey. So yes, for me, it was worth it.

Now, I NEVER advocate choosing coaching over the basic necessities like food & shelter because that be cray! Your nervous system needs to have some baseline security in order for us to do this work of deep surrender and exploration.  But many times, our anxiety around money is also connected to our lack of trust and our inability to feel safe. And usually we don’t feel safe because of something that happened WAY before we were adults budgeting. So I’m not saying there aren’t times, when yes, money is in fact, an issue. But more often than not, the issue is more about trust (in me, in yourself, in the coaching process) than it is about anything else.

Here’s my process, and women who’ve already spoken to me can attest to this. Once we both establish your body is a YES!, you are giving me the greenlight to champion your desires and speak to your mind chatter. I have zero desire, under any circumstances, to pressure you into making a fear-based decision. That is the masculine paradigm we are trying to shed here. I address your love-based desire and THEN we address fears that may come up.

Do I NEED coaching?

Nope. No one needs coaching. Everyone has everything inside of them. You are not broken. Nothing needs to be fixed. Your body is a beautifully designed system capable of complete balance and healing on her own. Coaching is simply a modality that can help expedite your journey into finding your own unique blueprint for this. Coaching is like pressing fast forward on the program of your life. Coaching is about helping you go deeper quicker with a group of women who reflect back to you what you can’t see – your epic potential.

Why should I invest in this over a business coaching program?

Well, I won’t know the answer to that until we chat.

You may totally be best served with a business program but my guess is if you have been feeling the pull to this program, your body is probably intuitively guiding you into a place of balance. You’ve probably tried the formulas and the strategies and the courses and you still have a hard time motivating, prioritizing yourself and choosing YOU.

Here, we are learning to sustainable source our motivation from a place of pleasure and of balance. Here, we are learning to integrate our masculine hustle & feminine flow so we can ally with your body and achieve our full potential. Here, we are choosing to shed the “no pain, no gain” paradigm and create from a place of deep soulful alignment and embodiment.

I hope I answered some of your questions here. If not, I’ll be doing a facebook live this afternoon (Friday 4pm ET) in The Embody Tribe where I’ll be sharing my favorite ritual that helps me feel safe, connected and nourished AND I’ll happily stay on and answer any Qs you may have!

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