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How to feel as hot as … Dita von Teese

October 22nd, 2014 | no comments

Anal Bleeding –
it would make even Dita Von Teese feel unsexy.

Yes I’m going there today. Because most of us have some physical ailment that stops us from feeling sexy: dandruff, recurrent UTIs, constipation, cold sores, eczema, gas…you name it. But we don’t like to talk about it. Cuz it’s weird. And embarrassing. And uncomfortable for everyone.

Most of you know that I like to talk about different ways you can unleash

Your Inner Siren
Your Inner Goddess
Your inner Beyonce

You can learn how to sway your hips, find the perfect shade of lipstick, channel your core desired feelings but if you’ve got something like a yeast infection that all goes to shit cuz you’re essentially squirming in your seat through all of it. I know you know what I’m talking about.

She knows what I’m talking about

shutterstock_169361465 copy

Six months ago, a client came to me complaining of exactly that – anal bleeding, swelling and ulcerations. She was bloated and lethargic all the time. Her doctor had her on daily medication for her rectitis and basically stated that a diet modification wouldn’t make much difference. She’d probably have to deal with the condition for the rest of her life.

She came to me because there was a voice inside her whispering “there’s another way.” Because she listened to that voice, she is now 100% clear. Doctor said forever. 6 months later, she’s all good.

In our work together, we tested her food intolerances, made modifications accordingly, substituting her meals with recipes that honored her new diet and within one month, she had already stopped bleeding and bloating.

A week after her last session, she emailed me letting me know that her latest colonoscopy was 100% CLEAR. We brought sexy back!

Oh Yeah.


What’s going on in your body that makes you feel unsexy and disconnected? Are you embarrassed to ask your friends if they have the same issue? Have you tried to talk to your doctor about it but not gotten the response you expected? Or maybe you’ve tried their suggestion and it hasn’t done shit?

I’m here for you. I dealt with recurrent yeast infections for years! Trust me, I know shame, discomfort and the feeling of utter hopelessness. And yes, it’s as uncomfortable for me to talk about it as it was for me to have them! After a ton of different trials and 1 month of diflucan straight, my gyno basically shrugged and said “Sorry you’re going to have to deal with this forever.”

Excuse me, what?!?! I can’t fucking sit, let alone fuck. You want me to just DEAL? So I went out and found a holistic nutritionist who helped guide me through a protocol that changed my life and healed me of candida overgrowth and all the discomfort that came with it.

I want this for you.

Don’t you want this for you?

Whether it’s the constant cold sore outbreaks at THE WORST TIME EVER,
the stubborn eczema that NEVER LEAVES
or the UTIs that show up EVERY TIME YOU HAVE SEX,

I got your back.

I offer limited number of free 1-on-1 sessions each month. I don’t try to sell you shit, unless you want to work together long-term – obviously :). I spend the hour listening to you, like really listening, not like 10 min-doctor listening, and then we come up with a list of recommendations you can implement after leaving the session.

You know why? Cuz I wish cold sores and yeast infections onto no one! And if I can help you, I want to.

But there are only a few spots left for 2014 because, well, I gotta make a living and keep those other spots for my paid practice 🙂

If you want to grab one, head on over to my calendar
or email me at

And if you want to hear about my client’s experience directly from her, here it is:

“When I started Nadia’s program, I had rectitis, ulcers and was medicating both every single day. I didn’t understand why I was so inflamed and felt so bad several times during the day.
It wasn`t until I did the elimination diet that I found out what I was intolerant to and learn how to eat again and trust my body experience.

After finishing this journey with Nadia’s health coaching, I am now enjoying more cooking, sharing my wisdom with friends and feeling empowered because I am fully myself. I am no longer taking medication and my symptoms completely diminished. How about that?

I am totally grateful to Nadia. She gave me the chance to find myself again – something I deserved.”

You deserve it too.

Your Inner Siren
Your Inner Goddess
Your Inner Beyonce deserves it.

Give her a voice by grabbing your free session today.

* This offer does not apply if you are a former or current client, or have already claimed a free session with The Pleasure Plate.

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