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I’m just gonna come out and say it already…

June 2nd, 2015 | 11 comments


I’m a motherf***in’ hippie.
And feminist.
And activist.

I don’t know why I’ve been resisting it for so long.

I mean, I believe in free love. Like open, infinite, enough-to-go-ten-times-around-the-world love.  My favorite place on earth right now is Ubud, Bali. My second favorite place on earth is Burning Man. If I had the choice, I’d wear flower crowns and gold tattoos A LOT. Wait, I do wear flower crowns and gold tattoos a lot.

I’m a motherfuckin’ hippie.

I used to sell alternative menstrual products at Mcgill University’s women’s union when I was 19.  Most of my job is about leading women back home into their bodies, into their feminine wisdom, into their strength.  I believe that the paradigm “the feminine is unsafe” no longer serves humanity.

I’m a motherfuckin’ feminist.

I started the Lebanese chapter of Jane Goodall’s environmental organization at my highschool at 15.  And I led students through the streets of Beirut in a march against sectarianism.  I believe in justice and using our voice to change shit.

I’m a motherfuckin’ activist.

So then I ask myself. Why do I resist these labels so much?

Your Pleasure Potential

I think it’s because I sometimes don’t realize I’m buying into a myth, a belief … that I cannot wear flower crowns and a leather jacket. That I cannot fight for women’s rights while listening to Lil’ Wayne. That I cannot speak for the voiceless when I, too, sometimes feel voiceless. That just because I believe in radical love and yoga and green juice doesn’t mean I’ll ever grow out my pits and ban showers. Or only listen to Loreena Mckennitt. And there’s nothing wrong with those choices.  I may have a Loreena Mckennitt album somewhere in my iTunes. So then why does it worry me so much to be labeled any of these?

When I sit with it, I think it’s because I don’t want to be reduced to a stereotype or be put in a box or dismissed into a category.

“Oh that’s the card-reading new agey girl”

or  “That’s the angry feminist” (ß Is this really still a thing? I guess it must be if I’m triggered by it, yeah?)

or “The preaching, rigid, adrenaline-junkie activist.”

I am Nadia. I love me a pair of hot as shit heels as much as I love walking barefoot. I love dirty, filthy, misogynistic hip hop as much as I love fuckin Enigma. There I said it. I love chanting at a cacao ceremony and working with a priestess as much as I love drinking tequila and dancing to dark techhouse. I love watching The Kardashians as much as I love devouring a Milan Kundera novel. I love New York as much as I love Bali. I am Nadia and I am me.

So enough is enough.

From here on out I pledge to be fully, wholly, 100% me. All parts of me.

The OCD and the messy, the nurturing and the needy, the fashionista and the nudist, the pole-dancer and the healer.

I so want to hear from you, gorgeous.

What do you wanna come out and pledge?

And if you’re interested in diving deeper into the different parts of you, join me on my FREE webinar, Your Pleasure Potential: Learn 3 NEW ways to tap into your Full Feminine Power.

Your Pleasure Potential

11 people have commented
  1. YES YES YES! ‘I don’t want to be reduced to a stereotype or be put in a box or dismissed into a category.’ I don’t think any of us do, yet we can find ourselves succumbing to it anyway. Thanks for being a shining light of how not to. xo

  2. I adore everything about this! Way to take a stand, and share your brilliance with the world girl. Keep it coming! 🙂

  3. Oh YES!
    Love how you just ripped the fucking bandaid off of labels. I”ve known for a long time that labels didn’t really work for me – and my life has been one long series of trying to buck them, then trying to get in someonelse’s line…
    so here goes!
    I am a Christian and I cuss. ALOT. I also think that there’s beautiful truth i need to hear in other religions. I go to church and believe in the power of the spiritual food there as much as I do at a local teepee. I suffer from auto immune disease and i am strong as an ox, which makes listening to my body a challenge. I love classical music as much as high heels as much as chacos and watercolors and whole entire dats of champagne and art and ace of base and my new favorite combo is airbrush and seersucker! My favorite pastime is getting to know myself better and better and I believe i have a totally unique view on hope and hard. Yes I’m a yogini, yes I’m gluten free, yes I love kale but I could also win a french fry eating contest any day of the week. I love nature and live on an organic meat farm and sometimes still eat factory raised meat in restaurants. I want to stop labeling myself so that I can stop labeling and judging others. Cuz that’s where the love i need most is.

    • Oh Liberty! What a pledge! What a declaration! Goosebumps over here… love it. looooove ittttt! I hope to get a chance to connect 1:1 soon. And maybe one day we can host our own french-fries-eating competition.

      • Ohgomysh. I love this. I actually love this more than the original version (which I never thought to be possible! lol) Thanks so much for posting not only the song, but the download link!

  4. Love this post. Love this mentality. Love that I have been introduced to your world a little through the Internet.
    Maybe then rather than shunning labels, the idea could be to embrace them? Yes, I AM a Christian. Yes, I AM a healthy eater. Yes, I AM stereotypical AND unique. Yes, I think the world needs more love. Yes, I AM the epitome of a wife and mom and employee trying to figure out who/what to be in this life. Yes, I AM all of those things and MORE. If labeling me helps you figure out a small piece of me, then go for it. You are the one missing out if you choose to stop at one or two labels.

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