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May 30th, 2013 | no comments

In my world, there is nothing sexier than a clean apartment so I’ve always opted to buy products that say ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTIVIRAL in huge letters, thinking this was the way to make sure my space was as hygienic as possible.

Problem with my thinking was I never thought that it’s equally sexy to be 1) eco friendly to those cute little fishes in the sea and 2) friendly to my own lungs and skin (and your family’s if you have one.)

Today, I read about this chemical: Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, which apparently gets more toxic as it breaks down. Meaning by the time it gets to those fishes, they are SCREWED. This chemical is already banned in Europe and Canada because of that!

Task 1: I’ve decided to start reading the labels to my cleaning products (not just my food) and I’m going to make sure nothing I purchase has nony-etho in it.

Task 2: I’m going to set up a time to make my own cleaning products. I know lemon is antibacterial and a big jug of vinegar is definitely easier on the wallet then those $7 eco toilet cleaners… so what’s been stopping me?

Here’s a how to guide:

To read more on the culprit nony-etho:

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