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Master Your Mornings

January 23rd, 2014 | no comments

Do you wake up and feel like murdering your morning most days? Don’t want to drag ass out of your warm, comfy bed, especially in the cold, cold winter? You’re not lazy. You’re a productive rock star with lots to do. If you could just hit the snooze button … one… more… time…

What if mornings could be more fun, more energizing, more exciting? How about we show you how to have a make-out party with your morning instead of murdering it?

At this hour-long FREE WORKSHOP, Nadia Munla, the hot Holistic Health Coach behind The Pleasure Plate and Jamie Jensen, Co-Active Creative Coach and founder of Your Ignited Life will teach you some kick-ass tricks to get your body and mind right and revved up!

Space is limited. Event is private. Please RSVP by January 23 to reserve your spot.

Master Your Mornings

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