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A New Paradigm of Leadership

January 24th, 2017 | no comments


I’ve been feeling SO blessed to have been chosen to do this work RIGHT now. What a potent time. Wow.

What will save us now is INDIVIDUAL, CONSISTENT AND DAILY EMBODIMENT OF THE FEMININE (in addition to our already beautifully-cultivated masculine.)

More love embodied.
More surrender embodied.
More compassion embodied.
More flow embodied.
More peace embodied.
More giggling embodied.
More heart embodied.
More expansiveness embodied.

When I was speaking to my father yesterday about isolationism/protectionism vs. globalization (he’s an economist and we geek out on that stuff a lot), I pointed out that after such a HUGE period of expansion (globalization), it seems like a normal, natural part of the ebb & flow for us to now receive leaders who are putting policies in place that contract, that close up border, that isolate countries, as a way to “protect” and “solve” (think brexit/withdrawal of trans-pacific partnership withdrawal/the “wall” etc….)

Even in economics, even in global patterns, we can see the inhale & the exhale. The expansion & the contraction. And it’s a reminder that we need to trust.



And by trust, I don’t mean sit around and wait for 4 years to pass. By trust, i don’t mean sit around and hope our bodies heal themselves. By trust, I don’t mean sit around and hope that money & pleasure will come flowing in.

We must pair it with action, structure and systems. But the actions must be in service of the feminine values of wholeness, expansion, beauty & love.

And so our work now is integration. Integration of masculine hustle & feminine flow. Our work is leading in a new paradigm that embraces your unique flavor of leadership – no more push through bullshit.

No more letting the mean girl run the meeting,
No more letting your scared inner child lead your life.
No more letting your rebel teenager stop you from putting on your queen crown.

It’s time for us to take radical responsibility for our own fear. Our own sense of safety. Our own inner child. So we can show up for our children and take radical responsibility for the world around us.
We can talk about all the little things you can do from more recycling to writing your reps.

But the foundation must first be built. The foundation of safety and inner peace. Or else you’ll be motivated by fear instead of motivated from a place of love, trust and safety.

And this is where we have been operating from so far. And, well, it didn’t work.

So let’s try it a different way, shall we?

(ARTWORK: Someone tell me who created this magical piece… I couldn’t find credit anywhere online.)


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