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The Pleasure Sessions with Stephanie Burg

August 3rd, 2015 | no comments


In my years of working with women in my coaching practice & my movement classes, I’ve come to realize the vast importance of pleasure as a form of medicine.

In these sessions, we come together to explore the role of pleasure in different aspects of our lives as women.

I interviewed some trailblazing female thought leaders and entrepreneurs who really GET how to weave in PLAY & PLEASURE into it all.

I chatted with:

  • a body love coach
  • a zen buddhist sexpert (what? Yes, exactly)
  • a business coach who has made 6 figures in one month working less than 4 hours a day
  • a dabblist (what’s that you ask? Tune in and you’ll want to be a dabblist too!)
  • a business joyologist
  • and a fellow pleasure-seeker who is creating female-friendly adult entertainment, changing the world one orgasm at a time.

The conversations are so friggin juicy ladies!

Today I’m sending you an interview with Stephanie Burg, who’s is a fellow graduate from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition so you guessed it ladies, she’s another health coach! And I just love what Stephanie is up to in the world.

Stephanie Burg was a professional ballerina for over a decade. After years of restrictive, disordered eating and utter disregard for her body, a series of injuries took her from the stage and forced her to reevaluate every facet of her life, starting with her relationship to her body.

Now a Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Stephanie is a fierce advocate for the human form, Stephanie believes that when a woman loves the body she calls home, she embraces her power to create the life she was born to live.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • the mindset of restricting calories
  • how a serious, debilitating injury can be a true awakening
  • practical tools on how to resist PUSHING towards your goal and instead flowing towards your pleasure.
  • the important lesson that professional ballet taught Stephanie.
  • flower, tutus and much much more!

You can watch it here.

Or listen/download it to your phone and listen to it in your car/on your walk here.

With pleasure,

P.S. You Spoke. I Listened. – THE PLEASURE PLAYGROUND has been so well received that I’ve added a bunch NEW DATES in NYC and BEIRUT! (and of course, I still have my dates in Virginia and Hawaii). Click here for the full list of in-person events.  I’ll also be guest teaching at Jeannine Yoder’s Captivate Retreat. Below is info on the show the day before that’s basically open to the general public. I’ll be there in the audience if you want to come say hi!

P.P.S.  If you missed it, I’ll be speaking with Nabill Idrissi, as part of the Telesummit, Passion, Power & Purpose this week, Wednesday August 5th at 7pm EST.  Register here to gain FREE access!

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