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The Pleasure Sessions: Allison Braun

October 16th, 2015 | no comments


I’m so excited to share with you all a lovely interview with business coach & strategist Allison Braun who is, in my eyes, the next Marie Forleo for intuitive business coaching (+ crystals and stuff.)

Allison is the person I look to for how to get shit done with the MOST EASE and EFFICIENCY. She teaches ladies how to access their pleasure, bring it into their work and then somehow everyone miraculously is only working 3 days a week and making LOTS of MULA.

At the end of the day, I can teach you all about kale, hydration and moving your body but if you get to sittin’ on your desk and everything feels HEAVY and like you want to pull your hair out, then your anxiety will cancel out all the other work you’ve done. So I brought Allison in to weigh in on what is FO SHIZZLE not my expertise (code for: I, too, sit on my desk sometimes and GROAN!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.44.46 AM

In this interview, we dive into:

  • How to inject pleasure into your business.
  • TURN ON: How to take it from the bedroom to your office 😉
  • How to turn off the “SHOULD” meter so you can let yourself be pulled to your purpose instead of push towards what you think SHOULD be the path. 
  • …And so much more!

You can watch it by clicking >>HERE<<

Want to tune in on-the-go, grab the Mp3 >>HERE<<


P.S. This is the last of the Pleasure Sessions. Did you want more? Press REPLY and let me know!

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