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Have you put a quota on your pleasure? (New Interview)

August 13th, 2015 | no comments

This week I’m in Beirut teaching a Pleasure Playground and spending some time with my dad and two little half sisters (5 & 6 years old). And boy does their capacity for pleasure NEVER end!!!

I’m still panting from hide and seek. They’ve been up since 7am and have done swimming, roller-blading, coloring, bracelet-making, eating, eating some more and they seemed really disappointed when I bowed out after all this hide and seek to “work on my computer.” So this will be short… They are expecting me back.

The capacity to feel the utmost pleasure is something that most women have capped, shrunk, diminished or put a lid on.

Because at some point in their life they got the signal(s) that female pleasure is unsafe and dangerous. Even as a teacher of pleasure, I find myself in instances when I unconsciously put a limit when things just feel TOO GOOD.  Just a few weeks ago, I had a morning of back-to-back embodiment practices (jade egg practice followed by meditation followed by a 1.5 hour yoga class). Halfway through yoga, I nearly toppled over giggling I was so high off all my senses.

INSTANTLY after class, I spent the afternoon finding reasons to be less happy because somewhere in my brain, a red alert went off.


And so I found myself worrying about a marketing strategy or something business-related that didn’t really matter.

Point is, most of us, no matter where we are in our journey can learn to increase our capacity for pleasure (CLICK TO TWEET) – which is why this week’s interview in The Pleasure Sessions with Kit Murray Maloney, the founder and CEO of O’Actually ( was a MUST. I am so passionate about her mission: to bring more female pleasure and O’s into the world.

In this interview we speak about:

  • Tips on how to talk to your partner about what YOU like in terms of pleasure.
  • The similarities between masturbation & meditation.
  • How masturbation can help you lose belly fat! ☺
  • Impact of mainstream porn on our partner’s expectations.
  • What the Pleasure Pledge is and how it can totally change your day-to-day.
  • And lots more!

You can watch it here.

Or listen/download it to your phone and listen to it in your car/on your walk here.

And as always, share with us what you took away from our chat by leaving a comment below or a message on our Facebook wall. It might be super helpful for someone else here!

With pleasure,


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