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Single Sessions

April 15th, 2016 | no comments

Single Sensuality Sessions
I’m thrilled to announce that I’m offering SINGLE (SENSUALITY) SESSIONS!

After running a one-day holiday special, I realized that a 90 minute session was incredibly valuable for the women who signed up and tremendous fun for me… I created customized moving meditations & playlists for them which they were able to keep doing months after our session together.

So we’re bringing sexy back… and I’m going to test run single session for the next 30 days (ends 5/15)

“It was the best thing I could have done for my body and soul to start off the new year.” – Tara T

If you’ve been wanting to dive deeper into your sensual side, and come out on the other end feeling more vibrant, alive and connected to your body… this is a great time to try out what it feels like to feel truly embodied and deeply nourished.

“Nadia asked the right questions, allowing me to discover what was holding me back, and what I could do to move forward. She listened with her heart.” – Rachel

During this beta-run, you can choose 60 mins sessions for $150 or 90 mins sessions for $200. The only other way to work with me right now is a minimum commitment of 6 months so this is a great way to get a taste at a fraction of the price.

“I loved my session with Nadia. She is really good at what she does. I felt deeply understood and cared about. The visualization exercise she gave me REALLY worked getting me into my body, and the movement meditation exercises she created especially for me were amazing. I try to do them daily they make me feel so great! If you’re a woman, I highly recommend working with Nadia at least once– you’re in for a treat!”

We will identify:

· How you want to feel in your body
· What is stopping you from feeling that way
· What you need to feel into in your body map to help melt away the experience of challenge

You will walk away with a PERSONAL PLEASURE MAP for your body which can include a variety of the following:

· customized movement videos for your body
· personalized playlists to help tap you into certain energies/emotions
· a step-by-step process to help dissolve energy blocks
· exercises to connect you deeper to emotions/chakras that you feel disconnected from
· customized visualization/meditation to connect you to your senses
· tools to help you connect straight to your body & bypass all the thought noise and mind clutter.

Come play with me!

Just email or comment below so we can get you set up.

(And if you’re JUST dipping your toes into all of this, then I invite you to head on over to and get your embodiment starter kit , it’s a great way to start an at-home practice today and it’s totally free.)

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