🎶 Let’s talk about Sex, Baby 🎶⁠

I’m often talking about… ⁠

💫 Embodied Power⁠
💫 Embodied Leadership⁠
💫 Embodied Living⁠

But today I want to talk about EMBODIED SEX.⁠

I don’t use the title s e x coach because in my mind, it evokes images of old Cosmo articles with angles and positions and techniques.⁠

I’m instantly turned off.⁠

But don’t be fooled… so many of my sessions are about sex. ⁠

I prefer Embodiment + Intimacy as a title because that’s where you have to start to have good sex.⁠

Sex is never about sex. 💥⁠

Sex is about power.⁠
… presence.⁠
… vulnerability.⁠

Sex is about the dynamic. ⁠
… and safety. ⁠
… and intimacy.⁠

The journey of embodied + energetic sex begins with you. ⁠

If you can’t feel you, no one can feel you.⁠
If you don’t know your own desires, no one can give them to you.⁠
If you can’t slow down enough to hear your own breathing, how will you breathe together?⁠

You must be intimate with your own needs, desires, boundaries and sensations ⁠
You must be embodied in your power, your pleasure and in unbridled permission. ⁠

If you want to have the ⁠
mind-blowing 🤯, ⁠
tuned in, ⁠
sensually-rich, ⁠
energetic sex you’ve always dreamt about, ⁠

Interested in exploring this further?⁠

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