How do you start your mornings?

How do you start your mornings?

How do you start your morning? How about a tofu scramble with kale, tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions, chicken sausages and turmeric! 

Applegate has great chicken & turkey sausages that are gluten & casein-free!

Theangrytherapist : How to sweeten your life without all that sugar


In this week’s episode of UnSilencing your Sexy, I talk to Jennifer Sterling, Holistic Health Coach, Pastry Chef & Owner of Sterling Sweets, an allergen-free bakery.

Our topic: How to sweeten your life without all that sugar, the shame surrounding reproductive health and how to take back control of OUR bodies!


Nadia, Team Angry

Sensuality is the Key to your Magical Life

Sensuality is the Key to your Magical Life

Sensuality is the Key to your Magical Life 

Have you been walking around feeling deflated? Like something is missing ? Like you need oxygen? A spark? A hint of magic? A sense of exhilaration? That feeling of blood rushing through your veinsThat feeling of butterflies in your stomach that moment when you look at something and get instant goose bumps?

 I used to live my life 99% in my head. I never even thought about the magic I was missing or the goose bumps I wasn’t having. It felt normal to feel depleted, burnt out and crawling in my skin. I mean I was living in a world where most people were also running on a hamster wheel, where most people were yelling NO and trying to crawl their way to the top, no matter what the sacrifice. A world where swallowing a cocktail of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety was completely acceptable, where after-work cocktails was the obvious way to go and where a lunch break is a luxury. I thought my shallow breaths were deep. I thought meditation was a waste of time. I thought my deep sense of longing for more was just an insatiable appetite for the impossible – something I had to bury deep down and hide away.

When I decided to sign up for a pole-dancing class because I was bored of the gym, I had no idea that I was being handed the key to magical living. As most gifts in life, it didn’t really come in the form of a key. At first, I thought I had found an amazing alternative sport where hip shimmying and 6-inch stilettos were just a great bonus.

What I learned being in class was that I was the creator of magic in my own life. And sensuality was my best friend. And by sensuality, I don’t mean my sexuality – although that can create a lot of magic too J. I mean our five (or in some case, six) senses. I mean the touch of your own palm against your heart, breathing in the smell of jasmine blossoms, listening to the strings in an Olafur Arnalds song, the taste of swiss chocolate melting on your mouth, watching a colorful sunset in Malibu I could go on and on with this list of delights.

And that began my journey – of unlocking the door I never knew was even closed. I jumped off the hamster wheel because it was boring (and frustrating) the crap out of me and decided to live in my body in the moment – from sensation to sensation

Our senses are tools given to us to help magnify our experience, to help open us up to the magic around us, to help us drink in all that life has to offer. And that magic begins in you, in the beautiful terrain of your body, on the soft supple skin of your belly, in the length of your arms, in the strength of your back muscles, in that luscious dip in your collarbone and in your radiant smile. We have all we need from birth. We just need the key to unlock that power, that potential, that full appreciation of what is already around us, already in us, already with us. And the possibility to pull in new opportunities, new gifts, new beginnings when we unleash our Inner Siren.

 Come explore.

Come play.

Come experience the potential of your own magnificence.

You have the magic. You have the tools. We have the key to help you unlock your toolbox and learn how to bask in your creation, your magic. Every day.


Registration ends this SUNDAY Dec 15th. 

Not sure if this is right for you? Not sure you can leave the kids for a few days? Not sure you can find it in your budget? Let’s hop on skype to chat about the ways in which we can make this a reality for you and finally give you a chance to prioritize YOU!