Healthy Peanut M&Ms?

Healthy Peanut M&Ms?

I recently was speaking with a client who loves peanut m&ms. I mean, let’s be honest, who doesn’t? This came up because we are working on crowding out the bad stuff by adding in just as yummy healthier snack options – because sometimes, a handful of blueberries just doesn’t cut it.

This got me thinking on what the healthy version of a peanut m&m would be.

It’s easy to misconstrue our bodies’ signals and think we are craving junk, then feel guilty about the fact that we don’t have willpower and then, in the process of trying to avoid eating 5 peanut m&ms, end up face first in a jumbo bag of m&ms, 2 bags of chips AND a soda. The truth is it’s quite possible that our initial craving for peanut m&ms is simply our body asking for protein and some healthy fats.

The key to changing this habit is to find something else that satisfies that craving.  So save yourself the guilt and the giving up and the heart-ache (and belly ache) after, and try a few of these snacks.

1)  Apples with nut butter, cinnamon and chia seeds. I love honey crisp apples for this but it works great with green ones too! Easy to pack, easy to eat & super satisfying.

2)  Nori Seaweed snack packs. They have virtually no calories, great source of iodine and vitamins with a nice savory taste (wasabi or sesame.) I find this is what I go to when I am craving chips or pretzels.

3) Buy some majdool dates, pit them and put a spoon of peanut/almond butter where the pit was. Done.

4)  Kale Chips. These come in a bunch of vegan flavors from like Nacho Cheese to Sour cream & Onion. You can’t go wrong. Easy to buy, easy to transport. Full of the good stuff.

5) Trail mix. You can create your own or buy a mix that contains some dark chocolate chips to help with the chocolate craving.

6) Deluxe Popcorn. You can make popcorn the old school way in a pot with coconut oil at the beginning of the week, and then put them in little snack size ziplocs to take on-the-go, or to eat if you are having a late night snack attack. I love to add dried sumac, thyme or rosemary with sea salt to give it extra flavor.

7) Nut balls. Everyone laughs at the name but they are really amazeballs. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. These require a food processor but only take a few minutes to make and can be stored in the freezer for at least 2-3 weeks. A great dessert as well! Check out one of my many ball recipes 🙂 Once you start ballin’, you don’t stop.

8) Carrots & hummus. Always a great one. Easy to pack & easy to pick up at the store if your week has been utter mayhem.

9) The decadent hodge podge of awesomeness. The CRUNCH bar meets a Reese’s peanut butter cup – (the home-made edition.) I basically spread some crunchy organic peanut butter on a rice cracker and sprinkle with vegan chocolate chip cookies. Feels like heaven and has a great crunch.

10) Edamame. It’s so good. And salty. And full of protein.

There’s so much more – but these are my favorite quick snack fixes. I’m still on a quest to figure out the healthy version of peanut m&ms but for now I’m happily crunching away on my decadent rice crackers.

What’s your go-to snack? Do you have the secret to a healthier peanut m&m?

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