WTF is a Health & Sensuality Coach?

WTF is a Health & Sensuality Coach?

March 17

I get this question a lot. And I gotta say, it’s fair. I mean if you think about it, health coaching is a fairly new modality of healing. And sensuality is often confused with sexuality in pop culture.

So many times people come to me asking real fun questions like:

“Ok, so what’s the deal, Paleo or Raw?  How can I lose the most weight?”


“Nadia, what’s the deal with the whole C-spot (cervix) orgasm trend?”


“If we work together, are you going to make me eat broccoli all the time?”

These questions are great because they remind me how often I assume y’all know what it is I do.

So let me explain;

The feminine body is my muse. I am just obsessed with how intricately awesome and diverse our bodies are. I am in awe of how able we are to heal ourselves of ANY imbalance, of any issue. I am amazed by how much happens just while we are asleep. Think about all those wheels churning behind-the-scenes. So freakin cool!

My goal is to empower you with information and to connect you to your body so you can hear her when she speaks to you. How do I do this? Through your 5 senses, aka sensuality.

Now, this is not to say that I don’t talk about BJs or orgasmic meditation during my sessions with clients. This is ALL part of your holistic health, after all. It’s just not my expertise. At least not professionally J

So when I talk about sensuality, I am talking about using your senses as a means to embodiment, as a means to getting yourself connected to your body voice so that YOUR body can tell you what is right for her now. Not me, not you and not the doctor. Just your body.

I am not an advocate of paleo or vegan or carb-heavy diets. I am also not opposed to any of those. But I simply believe it’s not my role to dictate to your body how to eat. Instead, your body will tell us how she wants to be nourished. We just have to give her the space to tell us.

So what is involved in the work I do? We work on decoding your cravings, understanding how to optimize your nutritional intake and learning how to do it in a way that aligns with your body’s needs.

My client in New York, Penny signed up for my Feel Fucking Fabulous program and she told me herself, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

“Nadia, when I decided to start working with you I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I half thought it would play out like a verbal personal training session with you telling me “you can do it, just 20 more situps!!!,” with the other half of me thinking, “hmmm, this is unknown and a total risk, but talking on the phone is harmless (and doesn’t require me to go to the gym) so what do I have to lose?.

Yea well, here I am 6 months later and I’ve lost a lot… I’ve lost weight, I’ve lost old seeming impregnable habits, I’ve lost ignorance. But it wasn’t all loss, I’ve gained some pretty crazy shit too, but most importantly, I’ve gained insight”

Imagine me yelling YOU CAN DO IT! JUST 5 more!??? Hilarious!

In my mind I am holding pom-poms, of course.

Instead of quoting her, let me have her tell you herself:

penny testimonial

What an amazing transformation right? I so want that for all of you! It’s such a liberating & empowering experience to understand the intricacies of your own body BETTER than ANYONE else.

That’s why I’ve created The Embody Collective. If you’re curious to see what it’s like to work with an Embodiment Coach but aren’t ready to sign up for a 1:1 program, join The Embody Collective here and enjoy coming together with other womxn to find transformation together!

Dining with Desire: How Pleasure Led Me to Health

Dining with Desire: How Pleasure Led Me to Health

dining with desire

Ever since I got my certification as a holistic health coach, I’ve noticed a funny trend among my friends and colleagues. They’re suddenly ashamed of what they’re eating in front of me.

“Don’t judge me,” ordering the juicy rib-eye.

“Hey, it’s been a long week,” scooping up a crème brulee.

“I know, I know, it’s got gluten,” biting into a deliciously overstuffed Italian sub.

I feel like a priest taking confessions.

Listen. Just because I’m into healthy living, doesn’t mean I advocate a diet of kale and cardboard. I still believe in pleasure – physical, sexual, emotional, and yes, gastronomical. Not only do I believe in pleasure, I actually think everything we do should be rooted in our desire to feel good. Pleasure is the core principle of my life and my coaching practice.

I also happen to choose, most of the time, gluten-free, dairy-free foods.

Say what?! Right now, your brain may be doing an equation: gluten-free + dairy-free = pleasure-free. But that’s not how I see it. In fact, I’ve made a pact with myself to never eat anything that doesn’t give me pleasure, and to never let guilt or rules get in the way of feeling good.

After years of health issues, I’ve finally learned to tune into what I want. I’ve explored different types of sensual experiences (pole-dancing, anyone?) and listened to my body. As I let pleasure guide me, I am free to choose what feels best for me, right now, in this moment. This means that some days, eating vegan is perfect, and other days, I get lost in the cheese aisle.

We all seek short-term pleasures on occasion: a decadent French meal, a steamy pizza, a night on the couch with a bucket of ice cream – a little time off from willpower. If I’m feeling it, I’ll dive head-first into these moments with a “hell yeah!” and zero guilt.

But I’m also drawn to long-term pleasures like stamina, confidence, and self-care. For me, choosing a salad instead of a grilled cheese is choosing premium-grade fuel instead of a self-induced food coma. Baking with rice flour instead of wheat is something my future self (and belly) will thank me for. There’s perspective in my pleasure-seeking.

When I eat gluten-free, I am nurturing myself and honoring my body’s vulnerability. When I eat dairy-free, it is because I love to feel light and open. When I eat vegan, I am stepping toward compassion. Many times, these emotional rewards are more satisfying than chocolate mousse. Other times, I just go ahead and have the mousse.

To paraphrase the fabulous Kris Carr, “Balance is a state of movement.” Pleasure is never rigid: it ebbs and flows, it yins and yangs, it dances. So I dance with it. I shimmy and shake between steak and green juice, between my body’s needs and the needs of the environment. I dance between instant gratification and a long-term happiness that comes with health.

And so I say to all my friends out there with an apple in one hand and a martini in the other: dance on! Respond to pleasure’s invitations. Do a tango with taste, a waltz with desire. Tune into your urges, nourish your needs, and sway your fork to whatever music is playing inside you that day. Let pleasure be your guide – it’ll never steer you wrong.

First posted on Wild Women