The Art of Purring

The Art of Purring

shadow purr

It’s the same every year. We hit November and we’re thinking about all the things we can postpone till January.

In January, I’ll get my hustle on.

In January, I’ll finally use that gym membership.

In January, I’ll create that system for that thing that doesn’t work.

In summary,

In January, I’ll be awesome. 

And there is NOTHING wrong with ANY of that. Contrary to what you may think, this is not a post that’s going to shun resolution-setting.

Goals, intentions, resolutions. Whatever you want to call them or NOT call them. It’s just great to have a new year, a fresh start, a blank slate. I’m all about it.

 The problem is NOT in setting resolutions or goals and it’s not even in how attainable they are…

**The problem is that your goals don’t match your true desires.** 

Your goals won’t make you the woman you actually WANT to be.

You want to show up in the world

Alive, vibrant, alluring.

You want to walk into a room and have heads spin.

 (…Even if a part of you groans at that.

…C’mon I know you do.)

You want to be that woman – the one we all look at and go, yep I’ll take what she’s having, thank you.

 You just don’t feel like that RIGHT NOW.

And you think the gym body,

The organized household,

Or the successful business is going to give you that.

 You want:

To be a trusting friend to lean on

To be an amazing partner to share a life with


To be a cut-throat take-no-shit-lady who dons red lipstick like she was born with it.

Well, the truth is not of any of it matters if you don’t feel safe, held and loved.

If you don’t feel sensual, alive and connected.

If you don’t feel deeply, wholly nourished.

Ahhh the feeling of a deep body sigh.

Or as I like to call it:

****** The deep body purrrrrrrr ******

Just imagine being so connected to your senses that everything juices you up, from the summer breeze on your dress to the divine chocolate swirling in your mouth. From your meditation practice to your latest project.

The deep body PURRRRRRRRR.  Goosebumps, expanded heart, the deep sigh that comes from complete peace, from divine connection, from being perfectly you.

A pleasured woman, a woman purring from the depths of her being, a woman so deeply connected to her senses that she nearly feels unreal.

Except she’s right here. She’s YOU.


I’m calling in 4 beautiful women who are sick and tired of the old way of trying to be awesome to join me on a journey…

Have you been watching from the sidelines but you’re ready to take center stage?

TOGETHER we will create  your unique recipe for soulful nourishment so your body can purrrrrr her way through 2016.

We do this by addressing both your physical AND your energetic body, allowing yourself to be fueled to your full potential so you can take on 2016 like the thought leader head honcho visionary you are while sinking into your soft, feminine essence.

 Haven’t you had enough banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to do it all while sacrificing your own nourishment?

 Aren’t you just exhausted trying to stick to the plan?

Aren’t you ready to feel deeply, wholly nourished so you can go back out into the world and give back what you do best? Being YOU. With a purr.

 I’m fiercely devoted to your YOU-ness: your softness, your power, your hunger, your nourishment and your devotion to being awesome.

Let’s pull out the magic in you.

Let’s find your flow.

If this speaks to you, and you’re ready to substantially invest in the embodied, powerful, sensual version of you, email me to apply at

(*I’m currently offering this content in both VIP days and long-term coaching formats.)