Manufacturing Goosebump Moments

Manufacturing Goosebump Moments


It’s that time of the year. You log on to Facebook and are bombarded by photo collages & lists of people’s top moments of 2015.

This relative completed a marathon. This colleague traveled to Malaysia. This friend got married.

Now, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with some celebration! In fact, you’ll probably see a list or photo collage from me in the next day or two.

Here’s the deal, though.

Many of us get sucked into this pressure that we need to create these intricate scenarios in exotic locations to have these goosebump-worthy moments. And we get sad or frustrated when we look at our own life and it doesn’t look as glamorous.

Maybe you’re in a tight spot financially,
Or you have a sick parent and are choosing to be by their side instead of on a trip to Hawaii
Or your dating is making you want to stab your eyes out.

And you look at these moments and simultaneously want to hurl, cry, genuinely congratulate these people for their bravery AND hide under the covers.

I get it. Been there. Still go there sometimes. (Ex-Type-A competitive overachiever, anyone?)

But here is the surprising thing that happened to me:

When I looked back and felt into the year, I realized that most of my goosebump moments were NOT when I was in a beautiful hotel jacuzzi or ziplining in Colombia under the rain.

It was when I was sitting on my butt meditating,
Or shaking my hips while I danced,
Or on a session with a coaching client where we have an aha moment.

The stuff that doesn’t really pop up on facebook collages.
The stuff that doesn’t really require booking a ticket to the other side of the world.
The stuff that doesn’t need 6 figures in the bank account.
The really really “mundane” stuff.

Because goosebumps are not BASED on your CIRCUMSTANCES but rather on how PRESENT you are in them.

PRESENCE comes from connecting to your senses. Tuning into every sensation in every moment. Making breath your best friend and really checking in with how everything feels right now:

What are you tasting on your lips?
What smells come up when you take a deep breath?
What sounds are tickling your ears?
What do your fingertips crave to touch?
What comfort can you find in the darkness behind your eyelids?
What visions can you create?

(In case you missed it, here is a sensual meditation I made last month, just for this purpose!)

And it’s when I breathe or dance into that stillness or breathe, through my senses, my sensuality – that’s when the goosebumps grace my body.

It’s up to me! I can manufacture my own goosebumps.


As you start a fresh new year and dream about a 2016 filled with goosebumps,

Just remember this, all you need is your 5 senses. Not the 5 star experience.

No harm in creating a list of goals/intentions/ trips to exotic locations but remember that what matters is being deeply connected to your body as you dance through each and every moment.

If you’re so on board with this and are ready to take action, download this sensual meditation I made for you and take 15 mins to connect to your senses.