Why the Womb is our Biggest SuperPower

Why the Womb is our Biggest SuperPower


What if I told you we are all just trying to replicate one universal experience?

And everything we THINK we want, whether that’s attracting the right partner…achieving financial freedom…or connecting more to our sensuality… is really about something else.

At the end of the day, we are all actually just yearning for one thing.

And no matter what challenges we face, whether it’s low self-confidence, judging our body or feeling like there’s never enough time, these would all disappear if we had that ONE experience.

(Rather listen than read? Try the audio experience instead)

After years of guiding women back to their inner voice, their connection to their body, their sensuality and their truth… one thing has become super clear to me.

We are all (unconsciously) trying to recreate the feeling of safety we had when we pristinely floated through salty waters in our mother’s belly tranced out to her musical heartbeat.

If you could tap into that feeling of safety, you wouldn’t have negative thoughts, or a lack of self-trust or a constant need to find more motivation & focus.

When you peel away the layers and get to the core…

You are JUST trying to recreate the feeling of being in that heavenly place called THE WOMB.

When you are connected to this, you feel free, flowing, and filled with ease. You’re able to get what you want from a place of peace, embodiment and deep connection to yourself.

And today, I want to invite you to join me on a journey into the deepest & most sacred parts of yourself, in which all of those feelings you are yearning for are waiting.

I’m going to tell you all about this experience, and how you can join us. But first… let’s talk why the womb felt so freakin’ good.

Well, for one… you could just * BE *.

You did not exist as separate and therefore you did not have to fear anything. You were at peace and fully connected to the universe.

You were infinite.

You did not have to be someone you’re not. You did not have to perform to get rewarded. You did not have to work to survive.

You were divine. You could just be.

And then you got pushed out of your mom’s vagina and well from then on, shit got REAL.

Everything around you started to reflect back to you that you are NOT connected, that you are NOT whole, that you are not divine.

That your emotions are not always welcome.
That your cries of pain aren’t always heard.
That parts of you are frowned upon.
That parts of you need to be shut down.
That you need to shrink, cover up & keep it down.
That you need to disown parts of yourself in order to be accepted…in order to be loved.

You were encouraged to smile but not to cry. You were encouraged to play but not in the other room because you might get hurt. You were encouraged to sing & dance but not when it’s midnight and your parents were trying to sleep.

No wonder we are all freakin out!


Now, you obviously can’t ACTUALLY go back to the womb.

BUT you CAN create conditions in your life that help you achieve THE FEELING.

… But why should you?

Because it is WHEN you are able to source from THAT feeling, that epic shifts happen.

That’s when you don’t need a formula or a strategy to get what you desire. That’s when you don’t need to count your calories to feel healthy & nourished. That’s when you don’t need to force yourself into rigid disciplinary measures in order to get closer to reaching your goals.

So why isn’t anyone speaking about this awesomeness?

Because let’s be honest, marketing a “return to the womb” course is SO not sexy.

Because saying, “I have the formula to manifest your soulmate partner in 3 months” IS.

Because claiming to have a patented sales strategy that is guaranteed to earn you a 6-figure income forever IS.

Because promising to have you shed 20 pounds in one month IS.

It’s clean. It’s clear. It’s controllable.

The womb is not. The womb can be messy. The womb can be bloody. The womb can be scary.

The womb can be also be INSANELY powerful. It is the source of life, the center of creation and the apex of desire. And that too, is scary.

When I started this work on myself, I devoted myself to the messy, the bloody, the real because it is in this fierce devotion to the reclamation of my FULL self that I have been able to tap into that feeling of connection, ease and flow.

And through witnessing my own journey and that of hundreds of other women, I can stand firmly behind the belief that THIS is what helps women realize their full potential.

And I’m SO ready to champion every courageous woman who feels she is ready to roll her up sleeves and get dirty.

So let me tell you about how I plan to champion you.

I’m on a mission to bring together an intimate group of women who are ready to step up and into a way of life & leadership that weaves together feminine flow, sensuality, embodied ecstasy and radical responsibility to create a better world for themselves and those around them.

The experience, “Your Embodied Life”, is specifically designed to recreate the feeling of safety, ease and peace that a womb might so you can connect to your inner voice, your body compass and your authentic truth. And if that isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is!


This work is about embracing range, embracing light & dark, embracing ebb & flow and therefore embracing our full potential.

This work is also bigger than us. This work is about the planet. And about reclaiming the values of the feminine so we can create a world for our children that has lush green and plenty of clean water. A world that embraces radical responsibility, compassionate leadership, and embodied ecstasy, and rewards what you embody as much as what you get done.

Through a combination of breathwork, embodiment practices, holistic health and deep mastery of feminine leadership…

You’ll learn how to identify your soul’s desires & how to integrate masculine hustle and feminine flow so you can realize those desires.

You’ll deepen your connection to your body so you are both finally on the same team, which means you can stop wasting precious time & energy fighting your body… and instead actualize your full potential.

You’ll melt away the stress that arises from overwhelm, comparison and self-judgement so you can finally put yourself first for once…and feel confident in all your decisions.

This is not more information. You are not broken and I’m not here to “fix” you. You are whole and everything you need is inside you already.

This is about bringing you back home. This is about creating a safe space where your inner voice is championed so you can navigate life empowered as your own teacher and stop giving power to the world around you.

If you’re feeling lit up & ready to roll up your sleeves and reclaim yourself, head on over to bit.ly/yourembodiedlife to read all the deets & book a spot OR just send me an email directly!