When you Trust…

When you Trust…


A few years ago, both Savannah and Santa Fe were calling me. I had been to neither and knew no one in either city. But my body had a deep yearning to taste the energy of both places – and my soul kept tugging at me to go.

So finally in January of 2016, I posted my intentions to visit Savannah and stay in an (allegedly) haunted house and jokingly asked FB who wanted to come along. Two sisters ended up coming along for the random (yet totally not random) ride. Stephanie Burg, a dear sister of mine and Ginny Muir, who at the time I had met literally once. I was super excited!

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The entire trip, I kept feeling like I was there to find a teacher of mine… So during our stay there, I kept a lookout. At first, I imagined the most typical cliché you can think of – an old southern wise woman who would just appear from under a basement set of stairs. No old wise woman appeared. Then, I looked for new age stores on yelp because I thought it would up my chances of running into a witch/healer/fascinating-woman-who-would-give-me-the-answers-to-everything. Nada. I wandered the streets of old downtown in search for something that would pull me. And well, nothing.

I remember Ginny asking me as we prepared to leave our totally-not-haunted-airbnb, “Did you find what you were looking for?”. QT with women always nourishes my soul and fills my cup so I was a happy little camper but I remember feeling a bit confused as to why my soul asked for this trip. And I remember thinking “Hmmm I don’t think so.” But hey I’d enjoyed myself so I left it at that.

Fast forward to a year later.

I’m walking out of a sensual movement class I teach every Wednesday night and I’m high off the beauty of watching women dancing their deepest truths. It’s 11pm and I’m on the subway back home to Brooklyn and I get a text from Ginny.

Our text convos are WAAAAAAY too long for me to track that text but it said something along the lines of:  “You. Me. Retreat. Breathwork. Dance. Santa Fe.”

And I went Yes. Yes. A million times Yes.

Which is how my yeses sound these days  : )

Between our time in Savannah to the text about Santa Fe, Ginny and I had somehow managed to cultivate an incredibly deep friendship like I-can-call-you-at-3am-snotty-crying-wailing-type-friendship even though we rarely see each other in the flesh.

It took awhile after that Savannah trip – almost a year – for me to realize that my wise old lady teacher who pulled me to Savannah was actually Ginny.

I remember texting her after New Years being like: “Ginny, it was you the entire time! You were the teacher!”

(Ginny is not only my favorite type of human but she is my favorite type of healer. Ginny does human really well. Which means Ginny can help you do human really well. Ginny also does sacred really well. Which means Ginny can guide you to your version of sacred really really really well.)

Which explains why Savannah and Santa Fe were so connected in my body. They were part of the same story.

The story of finding teachers in unconventional places.
The story of sisterhood.
The story of embodiment and trusting your intuition.
The story of deep deep trust and a little sprinkle of adventure.

And so I’m absolutely delighted to be creating an experience with Ginny interlaced with all this magic to guide you to deep deep trust in your body, your story and your connections. Something that has been in the making forever.

There will be: You. Me. Ginny. Retreat. Breathwork. Dance. In Santa Fe.

And if your body is going “Yes. Yes. A million times Yes” – then you’ve always been part of the story as well.

Can’t wait to meet you.

All the details here: Boundlessretreat.com