Embody Teacher Feature – Jeannine

Embody Teacher Feature – Jeannine


Each month we will be highlighting a member of our Embody Teaching Team. This month, we are featuring Jeannine Yoder. Jeannine is a soul sister & a phenomenal leader and I’m so excited to be spotlighting her this month, especially as she has some amazing workshops coming up on Captivating Feminine Leadership where she teaches Embody.

Jeannine Yoder is a New York Times Featured Feminine Leadership & Business Coach, Healer, Mom, Broadway Starlet, and Founder of Mentor Masterclass, an all-in life coach training school and sisterhood for aspiring and established coaches, and The Captivating Feminine Leadership Healer Training & Retreats.

Jey leads women around the world to become time, location, financially free and mastery trained life and leadership coaches. She believes you are destined to be of service and create a life of freedom through your unique gifts and self-discovery is the key.

Her upcoming Captivating Feminine Leadership workshops are in NYC, LA, & Medfield, MA. Details & registration HERE.  The NYC one is next week so hurry to grab your spot!

The Medicine of Play

The Medicine of Play


This past weekend, I spent some time in sacred ceremony with my roommate. My intention was to get a clearer understanding of how to navigate the stuckness I was feeling about particular pieces of my business. But it didn’t look like what you might be imagining – where we silently chanted & prayed & meditated our way to an answer.

I mean we did light candles/pull cards/drum and listen to Kundalini songs BUT we also sang to Mariah Carey/Shania Twain/Better Midler – and twirled, rolled around on the floor and daydreamed about our future soulmates.

I put on rainbow-colored lenses and at one point my roommate took our lotus-shaped altar cloth and wrapped it around her head to declare she was now a babushka – and then we proceeded to laugh until we cried.

This, to me, was reminiscent of my childhood. A time when I sang and dressed up and expressed myself freely without worrying about what it looked or sounded like…

Where I didn’t have to worry about hitting deadlines…
Or filling a program…
Or making enough money for rent…
Or being judged for being lazy.

I was a child and play was my deepest mode of expression and my fiercest truth.

And yet so often, I forget to be playful.

Especially in my business. Because there is a mode of operation that we got taught by a parent or in school… and then at our jobs…

… that work had to be serious to be productive and that we would be punished if we didn’t produce results and that profit trumps play always.

And look where that got us!

(Little me with my Dad rockin’ a serious Tom Selleck ‘stache)

Today, as Americans celebrate a holiday that’s all about fun & play in the sunshine, it felt like a good time to honor another Embody archetype: that of our inner little girl.

She is the part of our internal army that fights the message we have gotten that PLAY IS UNPRODUCTIVE.

She is our simple truth & our raw essence.
She is the champion of our expression & our worthiness,
and the lover of the most divine & simple of pleasures.

Her weapon of choice might be giggles or just a good old hissy fit.
But whatever she does, she does it with unapologetic TRUTH and MESSINESS and HEART.

So after the night I had with my roommate, I realized I needed to inject my business with more play – which is part of why I’m playing this week – with taking on the perspectives of the different archetypes.

And I gotta say, little me REALLY brought it with the lessons.

What about you?

What medicine does your inner little girl want to bring you? Can you feel it?

And if nothing else, take some time today to stretch yourself deeper into play and notice where you might find her in your body? In your toes? Your fingers? Your belly? Your heart?

And let me know…

Sending you giggles & skips & rainbow-tainted sunglasses TODAY and always.

P.S. Embody Teacher Training is accepting applications for another week. If you’re wanting to explore your Inner Little Girl and the other archetypes in Embody while training to facilitate this experience at YOUR workshops & retreats, you can apply HERE.

Why don’t I feel sexy?

Why don’t I feel sexy?


Ever wonder that?

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to connect to your “sexy”, you simply feel unattractive, uninspired and “meh”.

This is because you are searching for your sexy in the wrong places!

You think it might be in the heels or the lipstick or the sexy nurse outfit…

You look for it in the bump n’ grind R&B music or in a twerk shop…

You think maybe a candle-lit dinner with your boo might be the trick…

Or if you’re single, then “getting yourself out there” will do the trick…

Or maybe you just need to get away from the kids for a weekend.

And yet, no matter what you do, you still feel just BLAH.

You may find yourself hating and focusing on all the things that aren’t “right” before a date…

Or you may still find yourself thinking about what you need to pick up from the grocery store while your partner kisses you,

Or you might find yourself shoo-ing them away even though your heart’s deepest desire is actually to deeply connect with them.

This is because you have not found your SENSUAL SIREN.

She is the essence of your erotic, sensual, feminine charge.
She is the archetype in your internal army that helps fight the message that our sensual is unsafe.
She is the champion of your pleasure and the creatrix of your turn-on!

Once you have found her, connected with her and explored her desires, you will know exactly what you need to PLUG YOU IN to your DEEPEST, MOST HEARTFELT TURN-ON.

For some of us that looks like wearing a t-shirt and legwarmers.
For some of us that IS a little black dress with the heels.
For some of us that looks like a cape. Or a tutu. Or bondage-inspired accessories.
For some of us that means raging to rock music or lusciously luxuriating to Sade.
For some of us that means tapping into our playful and for some of us that means connecting to the deep well of emotion in our bodies.
It looks different for everyone.

But what’s the same is the way in which you get to meet her and connect to her – through embodiment, through your senses.

Through touch.
Through sound.
Through colors.
Through textures.
Through music.
Through scent.
Through taste.

If you follow the breadcrumbs there, that’s how you will begin to find the safety in your sensuality and through that you can show up vibrant and connected to your desires without the guilt, shame, and fear that has us dissociate or disconnect and without the preconceived notions of what we are supposed to look or feel like when we are tapped into our sexy.

What will YOU do today to start to connect to your Sensual Siren?

P.S. Embody Teacher Training is accepting applications for another week. If you’re wanting to explore your Sensual Siren and the other archetypes in Embody while training to facilitate this experience at YOUR workshops & retreats, you can apply HERE.