Embody at Home

Embody at Home


Embody-At-Home: A Virtual Experience

Do You Want To Feel Connected, Powerful & Feminine Again?

…But you feel pretty trapped in your head and have a hard time dropping into your body & senses?

It’s Like Your Head KNOWS You “Should” Be Moving

(and maybe even taking that trendy dance class you’ve been eyeing)

…but you are scared to go and deal with the voices that come up in your head when you have to look at the mirror and try to keep up with the dancer in front of you getting all the choreography right while you are fumbling three steps behind.

(This is me EVERY TIME I take a hip hop class!)

…Or maybe you LOVE gettin’ down to good tunes and have your go-to movement regimen but are craving a freedom-filled moving meditation you can do in the convenience of your home…

(Because commuting and traffic and really who’s got time?!?!)

….Or maybe you’ve attended an Embody class and want to recreate the feeling over and over again anytime, anywhere…

(Because connection. Because sweat. Because BLISS.)

No Worries, I Got You!

Embody-At-Home: A Virtual Experience Is Designed For You To Be Able To Do Anywhere, Anytime With My Voice Guiding You The Entire Time.

Just push play and let yourself journey far into the depths of the embodied freedom you’ve been dreaming of.

Try the Embody Express for free:

Or get the whole bundle for a truly embodied immersion:

You can also buy the Embody at Home classes individually over at the Embody website.

My Book, Sacred Body Wisdom is FREE until Friday

My Book, Sacred Body Wisdom is FREE until Friday


It’s the season of all the things. And I just wanted to drop you a quick note so you don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

My first book, Sacred Body Wisdom, which is a collaborative book project that I’m so honored to be a part of is out on Amazon TODAY! 

The e-book is $9.99 & the printed copy is $19.99, however, until Friday only, we are giving away the e-book FOR FREE!

Authors include Rochelle Schieck – founder of Qoya & Bernadette Pleasant – founder of Femme! These are two colleagues of mine who I adore and are creating huge ripple effects in the world with their movement classes.

I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into my chapter, titled Exploding into Wholeness below.

“I was born during the civil war in Lebanon.

When I was just two years old, a bomb exploded nearby, and the entire windowpane over my crib fell on me. When my father recounts the story, he always boasts that I was a “courageous little baby” because I just lay there quietly under the sheet of glass waiting to be rescued. I did not cry. I did not move. I just lay there.

In my early childhood years, I fell asleep in one room and woke up in the middle of the night being wheeled into another. We spent weeks up in our attic sleeping on mattress pads beside human-sized jars of pickled olives while we played the only board game we had, Monopoly. In our fantasy world, we made big bucks and bought hotels, while in our real life, we were drinking powdered milk and getting one hour of electricity a day.

Although my father attributed my silence under that sheet of glass to courage, I’m pretty sure it was, in fact, shock—and what the trauma world calls “freeze” mode. This incident would become the  first of many experiences that instilled in me a deep lack of safety and a slow process of disconnection from my body.”

Read the rest of it (and wisdom from the most embodied women I know!) by downloading the FREE E-Book by Friday.

Here’s what is being said about it:

“Nadia recounts her heartbreaking and triumphant story with raw and utterly compelling candor.  Her staggering resilience, fortitude, and transformation is nothing short of inspirational.  She is an absolute marvel of a spirit and shaman with a gift of inner alchemy.”
– Julian DeVoe, Author of the books Robust Vitality & Insights Out

“Woman, your story medicine is potent, vulnerable ALIVENESS. I felt myself nodding, laughing and heart-twisting my way through every word. Thank you for baring your soul journey. I feel more connected to my own, more trusting in the messy magic of becoming.”
– Rachael Maddox, Author of Secret Bad Girl

Might as well not miss out on this offer…

Even if you don’t have time to read it now, grab it by Friday and you can read it anytime you want down-the-line.

Trusting Our Men Again

Trusting Our Men Again


How are you feeling about men these days?

Are you feeling hopeful and excited post #metoo?

Are you feeling a deeper and deeper despair with each article that is published about yet another man abusing his power?

Are you feeling confused about how you feel?

I hear ya. Which is why I’m hosting this heart-opening FREE interview series. 

All of last year, I kept feeling a mix of deep rage and disgust at the patriarchy, at male privilege, and at men like Kavanaugh and Weinstein and that Olympic gymnast doctor.

So much of my own sexual trauma history came back up and had me going through bouts of rage, denial, numbing out and just the overall feeling of “we gotta do more!”

At the same time, I was also noticing how many of the gorgeous well-intentioned men in my life were privately sharing with me their extreme fear. They did not know how to navigate this post-#metoo world and were asking for guidance.

As much as a part of me was like…

“They’ve had centuries of power. Let them feel what we’ve had to endure our entire lives”

Another part of me really empathized with their pain. 

I’ve spent over 8 years supporting womxn in the process of shedding the toxic messages around their power, their pleasure, and their play. I’ve helped them reclaim their erotic, feminine bodies and their embodied power…

And what I began to notice in a post-#metoo world was that men no longer felt safe to be themselves either.

They were grappling with equal amounts of shame around their sexual desires.

They were shying away from playful flirting because of the fear of “getting it wrong”.

And they are shrinking away from their power.

And the truth is that no one wins when one of us loses.

And so I did what any normal entrepreneur (who doesn’t have enough projects on her plate) would do. I decided to go on a mission to explore and understand the experience of men post-#metoo and see what is still stopping us from cultivating trust and partnership with each other. And I decided that I would record all the interviews into a limited interview series:

This is a totally free interview series meant to build a bridge from our well-meaning, exhausted hearts to their well-intentioned, confused hearts. Because ultimately, in a time when the trend is to shame, to blame and to “other,” I believe that coming closer with compassion will be what heals us all.

Join me to build that bridge. Registration is open TODAY.

The cherry-on-top to this whole experience is that I’ve invited expert podcast host, transformational life coach, and overall badass babe Madelyn Moon to join me as a guest host on some of our interviews. We learned SO much we didn’t know throughout this series and I’m so excited to share it with you today.

I’d love for you to join us and share your perspective. And I’d love for you to share this with all the womxn AND men in your life that need this!

Embody Teacher Feature – Jax

Embody Teacher Feature – Jax

Each month we feature one of our Embody Teachers. This month is Jax Burbage!

Jacqueline (Jax) is originally from FL and NJ currently lives in San Diego. She has been a Certified Yoga Teacher since 2008 and recently became an Embody Instructor. Jax wholeheartedly believes in body-mind-spirit connection and that a great way to feel free/peace is to be embodied. She loves her journey from depression and alcoholism to being a strong and confident woman with tools for transformation. Jax is passionate and caring and she simply wants to share what she has experienced to help heal and grow with the community around her.

For information on Jax’s classes in San Diego, please email jaxburbage@gmail.com