A Call To My ALL-IN Posse

A Call To My ALL-IN Posse


For so many years, I was one foot in and one foot out.
In my relationships, in my business, and in my relationship with God/dess.
I thought it was the best way to live. Always calculating the risks and rewards, always tracking the possibilities here and there, always writing out the pros and cons. Never taking a stand in case it was the wrong one.

It was torture. I never felt like I was in the right place, doing the right thing or making the right decision.

But last year, I was initiated into deepening my faith.
My faith in my heart’s courage and capacity.
My faith in my business’ soul.
My faith in my own magic and divinity.
And most importantly, my faith in devotion.

And in the summer of last year, while on the floor in so much pain from an unknown illness and feeling complete and utter loss, I chose to marry myself in a quiet one person ceremony in my pajamas with a pile of kleenex for my runny nose.

And since then, I’ve been all in.

Every project I run. Every human I date. Every experience I have. All in. No holding back.

We hold back because we don’t trust our heart’s capacity to break open.
We hold back because we fear that if we experience this loss, whether a partner, an investment, or ego, that we will never make it back from the darkness.
We hold back because we don’t believe we have the strength to open EVEN more in the face of heartbreak.

The more I began to open my heart last year, the more I experienced heartbreak.

And the heartbreaks just kept getting more and more intense. From men I fell for to ruptured business relationships to failed projects.

But what I didn’t expect was how my capacity to stretch into the depths of pain and joy increased with every single experience.

The richness of being alive grew in my body.
The nectar I got to squeeze from every experience was beyond my wildest dreams.
And the radiance of my heart shone brighter and brighter, instead of dimming.

This is possible for you.
It’s the road less traveled, without a doubt.
But if you’re wanting to fully drink up the experience of this human life,
If you are wanting to stretch into your humanity,
If you want to dive deep into your depth,
If you want to love unconditionally, fully and freely…. You must walk this path.

It is not for the faint of the heart, at all.
You are signing up for a marathon for your soul.
But let me tell you the view over here is breathtaking.

I wouldn’t and won’t do it any other way.
I’m devoted to my aliveness.
I’m devoted to my ecstasy.
I’m devoted to my human experience.

Join me.
Who wants to go all in with me?
Who wants to do life all the way?
Who doesn’t want to waste another minute?

I’m ready for you. Let’s do this.
Whether you want to love together, work together, build together, or daydream together. I want you in my life.

Calling my all-in posse.
I’m ready for you.

Embody Teacher Feature – Bria

Embody Teacher Feature – Bria

Each month we feature one of our Embody Teachers. This month is Bria Anderson!

Bria believes that integrous embodiment will save our planet, and she is devoted to leading the way in curating the space and permission to embrace the range of who you are as a woman, as you are, in your body. As a global digital nomad and founder of Briáli lifestyle brand (including tulle skirts!), Bria leads Embody experiences around the globe in formats including private sessions, intimate groups, and large scale events of 300+. When she’s not out on the road, Bria resides in her home base of San Diego, CA and is eager to establish a community of embodied, fully expressed womxn.

For information on Bria’s classes in San Diego, check out @bali_bria.