Embody Teacher Feature – Michelle

Embody Teacher Feature – Michelle


Each month we will be highlighting a member of our Embody Teaching Team. This month, we are featuring Michelle O’Neill. Michelle teaches from an overflow of sensual shakti energy and her class is SO yummy!

Michelle is an embodied, sensual woman, living with burning desire and intuition as her guide.  She is a mother, transformational coach, Sheila Kelley S Factor (pole dance) instructor since 2007, and movement studio owner. One of Michelle’s greatest joys is being a co-owner of Pole and Aerial Fitness in Bonita Springs, FL, where she dedicates her time to guiding women to connect with their power, pleasure and play through movement practice. She loves teaching group classes, private lessons and offering special workshops. Michelle especially enjoys working with archetypes and is thrilled to be able to offer Embody classes at local studios and as part of immersive experiences around the world.

A lifelong student and dancer, Michelle is currently taking lessons in salsa, rumba, hustle, and burlesque. She is grateful for the opportunity and freedom to express herself through dance and eager to guide any woman who wants to learn more about her body, her emotions, and the gifts of un-choreographed movement.

You can connect with Michelle on Instagram @coachingwithmichelleoneill.

Womxn, Embodiment is our Biggest Ally Right Now

Womxn, Embodiment is our Biggest Ally Right Now

Originally written: October 9th, 2018

Thank God I’m Not A Single-Cell Amoeba

Thank God I’m Not A Single-Cell Amoeba


Today, as I walked down the beach between calls, feeling the breeze on my skin, the sand between my toes and the delight of cold ocean water, I couldn’t help but remember the words of one my clients…

…She was celebrating our human existence and shared her gratitude for her body in the sweetest and most profound way I’d ever heard:

“It’s so cool I get to experience life through this body. I mean I could have been a single cell amoeba! But I’m not, I’m in a human body!

And indeed how fucking cool.

It didn’t always feel this way. For years, I was disconnected. For years, I had chronic and debilitating health issues. For years, I was terrified of the pleasure, power, and joy I could experience in my feminine body.

And through my journey of returning home, I realized that you too have felt disconnected, disembodied, exhausted, and stuck.

This is why I created Embody.
(think Ecstatic dance meets your favorite pop tunes!)

A movement experience to remind you WHY being in a human body is truly a GIFT.

A moving meditation class to nourish your sensuality, reawaken your childlike delight, and step you into your full power, confidence & freedom.

(If you haven’t tried Embody yet, try this FREE Embody-at-home express class so you can get a taste. All you need is 20 minutes and some space to move!)

After some nudges from the Universe, it was clear that it was time to open up the doors for the ONLY round of Teacher Training for 2019 (running July – October).

Embody Teacher Certification

This is also the FINAL round where I will not require a prerequisite from applicants.

Starting in 2020, I will be reshuffling some pieces and to get certified as an Embody Teacher you will need to take my upcoming digital course before becoming eligible to apply for the certification.

If you are a leader ready to step into FULL ownership of your body & your feminine power…
(while helping other womxn step into theirs…)

If you believe that more embodied humans will heal our planet…
(because let’s be real consent, #metoo, isolation, rape culture, porn addiction, etc. is because we are all disembodied)

If you love dancing, music and maybe have had a secret dream of being a DJ,

(If you identify as a dude, then this one is to forward to your girlfriends! And please know, that I am working hard behind-the-scenes to get a class going for men AND womxn and non-binary folx.)

If you are wanting to go deeper with your clients and/or students but not sure how…

If you are desiring to facilitate intense transformation but your current skills are only taking you so far…

If you want a modality that you can integrate with your unique passion in the world, this is for you!

To hear what others have said about Embody, go here.

I hope to read your application this weekend!