Do you Trust the Men in your Life?

Do you Trust the Men in your Life?


We hoped for the masculine to be our savior.

We thought our brothers would protect us.

And our fathers wouldn’t shame us.

We yearned for our partners to be our trusted guides.

We wanted the system we operated in to champion our success, always.

We expected the hustle to bring us joy,

The spreadsheets to organize our dreams,

And our milestones to nourish us deeply.

But we were disappointed.

So now we walk around,

With heavy hearts expecting…

Heart ache

These expectations have become the norm in our psyches.

I understand you’re scared,

I know your bones ache with violations and your heart beats for the day that it’s safe to be your erotic, sensual self.

I know your veins flow with the dream of unconditional love and a naked heart but right now when you feel inward, all you see is a wall of stacked disappointments.

I know your skin yearns for the pure caress and sweet kisses of a man who reveres you.

All of you.
Your soft belly and your calloused feet.
Your expansive giggles and your crunchy moods.
Your misty eyes and your dry elbows.
Your adoring heart and your anxious, insecure thoughts.

All of you.

The storm in you that brings with it thunder and rain.
The lit embers in your belly that are asking to be sparked into a full fire.
The dry riverbed within you that is waiting for the melting snow to bring you a river of spring.
The toiled soil of your heart that aches of a seed to be planted.

But first,
you must light your own fire,
sit with your own storm,
patiently wait through your winter for the gift of a spring stream
and plant your own seeds of dreams in your heart. 

This is the work of healing your relationship to the masculine.
This is the work of healing your mistrust in your own inner man.
This is the work of dancing back into Embodied Union.

Embody Teacher Feature – Michelle

Embody Teacher Feature – Michelle


Each month we will be highlighting a member of our Embody Teaching Team. This month, we are featuring Michelle O’Neill. Michelle teaches from an overflow of sensual shakti energy and her class is SO yummy!

Michelle is an embodied, sensual woman, living with burning desire and intuition as her guide.  She is a mother, transformational coach, Sheila Kelley S Factor (pole dance) instructor since 2007, and movement studio owner. One of Michelle’s greatest joys is being a co-owner of Pole and Aerial Fitness in Bonita Springs, FL, where she dedicates her time to guiding women to connect with their power, pleasure and play through movement practice. She loves teaching group classes, private lessons and offering special workshops. Michelle especially enjoys working with archetypes and is thrilled to be able to offer Embody classes at local studios and as part of immersive experiences around the world.

A lifelong student and dancer, Michelle is currently taking lessons in salsa, rumba, hustle, and burlesque. She is grateful for the opportunity and freedom to express herself through dance and eager to guide any woman who wants to learn more about her body, her emotions, and the gifts of un-choreographed movement.

You can connect with Michelle on Instagram @coachingwithmichelleoneill.

Why don’t I feel sexy?

Why don’t I feel sexy?

Originally written: July 2nd, 2018


She is the essence of your erotic, sensual, feminine charge.
She is the archetype in your internal army that helps fight the message that our sensual is unsafe.
She is the champion of your pleasure and the creatrix of your turn-on!

Once you have found her, connected with her and explored her desires, you will know exactly what you need to PLUG YOU IN to your DEEPEST, MOST HEARTFELT TURN-ON.

For some of us that looks like wearing a t-shirt and legwarmers.
For some of us that IS a little black dress with the heels.
For some of us that looks like a cape. Or a tutu. Or bondage-inspired accessories.
For some of us that means raging to rock music or lusciously luxuriating to Sade.
For some of us that means tapping into our playful and for some of us that means connecting to the deep well of emotion in our bodies.
It looks different for everyone.

But what’s the same is the way in which you get to meet her and connect to her – through embodiment, through your senses.

Through touch.
Through sound.
Through colors.
Through textures.
Through music.
Through scent.
Through taste.

If you follow the breadcrumbs there, that’s how you will begin to find the safety in your sensuality and through that you can show up vibrant and connected to your desires without the guilt, shame, and fear that has us dissociate or disconnect and without the preconceived notions of what we are supposed to look or feel like when we are tapped into our sexy.

What will YOU do today to start to connect to your Sensual Siren?

P.S. Embody Teacher Training is accepting applications for another week. If you’re wanting to explore your Sensual Siren and the other archetypes in Embody while training to facilitate this experience at YOUR workshops & retreats, you can apply HERE.

What is Embodiment Coaching anyways?

What is Embodiment Coaching anyways?

Originally written: April 3, 2018


I get this question pretty frequently, because unlike life, love or business coaching, embodiment can be a confusing concept.

Simply put, the goal of embodiment coaching is to get you more connected to your body. And the reason you want that is because your body is the most powerful tool for upgrading your experience AND effectiveness as a LEADER.

Long gone are the days where pushing through the pain is the way to succeed, where disregarding your body’s signals is a means to an end, where eye on the prize is the key to your power.

Instead, we are shifting into a paradigm where our body gets to play too. Our body gets to teach us about leadership and power and freedom. Our body gets to weigh in on our decisions. Our body gets to guide us towards a balanced leadership of our masculine and feminine energies, our yin and yang, our emotions and our actions, our present and our future.

Only problem is that most of us are disconnected from our bodies.

The work of embodiment is that of cultivating DEEP trust in our bodies when we’ve been living in a world that constantly strips it away from us.

How can you trust your own body when you aren’t taught her wisdom, her rhythms, her language and her power?
When doctors prescribe band-aid solutions, and men push past your nos?
When beauty products give you step-by-step instructions on managing your body like a project?
And billboards only show you ONE version of “healthy” and “desirable”?

That’s how you lost trust in your body’s power.

So how do you get it back? Embodiment.

*** What does embodiment coaching look like? ***

If you are struggling with letting go and flowing even though you know it’s the next layer of leadership for you, then we would begin by exploring your EXHALE. The power, the lessons and the experience of truly embodying an exhale.

If you are struggling to connect to your own voice and intuition, and you want to play by your own rules but you just keep finding yourself rehashing the same formula that bores you to tears, then we begin at your INHALE. We begin by cultivating a trust in your next breath and your next move through unchoreographed movement.

If you are learning to trust that your pleasure will deliver you the freedom you desire, then we would begin by exploring your SENSUAL BODY and your DESIRES. How can you find pleasure in your touch, taste, sound and scent? We would work on expanding your capacity for PLEASURE.

If you are feeling blah and disconnected from the world and you just can’t quite figure out how to plug back in, we would begin with an exploration of the sacred within through MOVING MEDITATIONS.

If you are creatively blocked and feel like 100 scripts are running through your mind at any given time, then we work on NIXING THE NOISE. Cleansing, clearing and compassing. Removing the static from your channel so the muse can visit.

Want to create sacred space? 

Want to feel more feminine? 
We play with SWIRLING, FLOWING, curvy movements. WATER in your veins.

Want to expand your freedom? 
We begin with embodying LIGHTNESS and AIR.

Want to feel more clear?
We work on finding your BALANCE and CENTER through the chaos. EARTH in your feet. SOVEREIGNTY in your movements.

Want to find your power? 
We find the FIRE in your body.

This is Embodiment Coaching.

This is about sinking deeper into your own experience, your own trust and your own body wisdom.

This is about growing taller by rooting deeper.

This is about pulling in what you desire externally by embodying it first internally.

I only work with a handful of womxn at a time. Depending on when you are reading this, I may have an opening in my practice.

These are reserved for womxn who:
– Are interested in getting a feel for my flavor of coaching before making a decision.
– Ready to invest ~5k into transforming their leadership and body connection in the world.
Are excited to devote 6-12 months for us to co-create this reality together.


Loving you wherever you are on your journey…

If now is not the time for you to invest in this type of coaching, please know that you are ALWAYS welcome in my private FB group EMBODY Community where we offer free weekly embodiment prompts, quarterly online dance-a-thons and lifelong sisterhood.

Wealth should only be measured by ONE thing – and it’s not money

Wealth should only be measured by ONE thing – and it’s not money


We have it all confused.

For ages, we’ve been measuring wealth with one primary factor: money. This is such a narrow perspective.. and I’ll tell you why.

I’m writing this on a plane on my way back from my yearly visit to my family in Beirut. It’s always great to get a chance to spend some QT with my entire extended family – and let me tell you, there’s A LOT of them. However, going home is also the time of the year when I get sucked dry to the bone. And believe it or not, I’m grateful for that too.

Not because I like the feeling of my insides as shriveled as a raisin but because the trip has become a marker for me. It reminds me of how wealthy I am. Not with boatloads of money (yet!) but with LIFE FORCE.

Let me explain…

Each year, the pilgrimage back to a post-war developing country that’s suffering from MAJOR collective PTSD, destruction, pollution and political corruptness…

…combined with the wonderful family dynamics I get the opportunity to regress back into…

…combined with my unwillingness to NOT eat all the childhood Lebanese treats that I love and am also quite intolerant to…

… combined with zero privacy, no access to nature and a hard time keeping any semblance of a morning movement practice…

… has me usually reaching the brink of insanity by Day 12. Which is why this year I scheduled a 13-day trip.

Each year, I get a bit better at taking care of my self.

Each trip I’m able to prepare just a little better (by bringing my trusted snacks and green powder from the US), by asking ahead of time if the blender is working, by doing my kundalini yoga right smack in the middle of the living room even if kids are running around and doorbells are ringing, by saying no to people I really want to see so I can honor my equally-important need for quiet time… This year I even created a pre & post-trip document to support me for future trips.

But ultimately, my trip to Beirut is always a whirlwind of appointment after appointment sandwiched between dairy & gluten-heavy meals and sprinkled with a few triggering conversations with my father about how I should give up my “passion” project (aka my coaching business) to get a real job.

By the time I get on the plane, all I can think about is how much I love dancing, going to yoga, cooking vibrant organic veggies for myself, spending time in nature and space to breathe. It’s not the activities themselves that I actually crave… it’s the feeling they create in me.

The feeling of vibrancy, presence, aliveness, connection, and peace.


This is why I love taking my trip. Because it continues to stand as a stark contrast to how I want to live my life. Just like I really enjoy spring after winter or fall after summer, I really enjoy remembering that many people live a life where their insides feel like a dried up raisin. And it reminds me that my life feels JUICY AF 90% of the time. Even when that juice is pain, challenge, or sadness. It’s life force juice.

Now, I’m not saying money shouldn’t be factored in, but we are missing the big picture of wealth here because we are skipping over what it is that can generate that money in your life in the first place…


Life force is your biggest asset. It is the foundation of what you need to actually ENJOY life and be present to it – whether you have $5 in your bank account or $5 million.

The sweet golden nectar of Life force (also called shakti energy, creative energy, god/dess, divine love, feminine energy) is what flows through you to create vibrancy and aliveness. It’s what allows you to generate more and more love internally, and consequently externally.

Nothing else matters if there’s no life force. Think of a plant that hasn’t gotten sunlight or water. Think of a dry riverbed or a bird that can’t fly. The only currency in their reality is life force.

So why should it be any different in ours? Just because we have created money as a currency as part of our evolution doesn’t exempt us from the laws of nature.

We have evolved in a direction that doesn’t serve our essence.

The evolution of civilization to a point where we revere mind over body, where our primary economic system requires money for us to survive and where our worth and social status is directly tied to our bank account has messed with us.

We are chasing our own tail. It’s futile!

Instead of our life force generating money and money representing how much life force we have flowing through us, money has often become a symbol of how much we are willing to denounce our life force to “make it” in the world AND our lack of money seems to correlate with how willing we are to keep our life force.

There ARE a select few visionaries and revolutionaries who have started to pave the way for the new paradigm we are moving into: FEMININE LEADERSHIP…

…Where reverence and cultivation of our life force IS what generates our money.

But this can only happen when you truly choose your life force over all the perceived gifts and privileges that a full wallet can offer. Over and over again.

It can only happen when there is deep trust in divine love as the strongest force and highest vibration on the planet.

It can only happen when every choice you make is one step toward more life force, not less.

So as I make my way back to a world where life force is my priority 352 days of the year… I want to hear from you… What are you choosing to do to add more life force and love into your body?