Why I’m choosing 0rgasms over Recycling to Save Us

Why I’m choosing 0rgasms over Recycling to Save Us

I say this often.

I teach Embodiment because I believe it will save our planet…
Because I believe that more embodied humans will heal the world…
Because I am in the business of making love to the Universe…

I am dropping people into their bodies so they can be more connected to their breath…
Being more connected to their breath means they will be more connected to life force…
Being more connected to life force means they will be more 0rgasmic…
Being more 0rgasmic means you will be more opening, loving, nourished…
Being more nourished means you won’t need to extract from outside you to feel better…
Which means you won’t need to extract from the planet to feel better.

We know that s*exual energy is simply life force energy.

And so it would make sense that Life force is what will keep life on the planet.

So… sure, I recycle. I support whatever steps and legislation will help improve our impact on Pacha Mamma.

AND my focus is on getting people more infused with life force.

Because THAT is what is actually going to save us.

Between the global warming crisis, the extinction of more species and the absolute raping of our forests, it’s understandable that we would be in a state of panic and overwhelm about our planet. Our mother. The source of all life.

Teslas, an increase in renewable energy and banning single-use plastic are all beautiful steps forward but it’s not enough.

We should all be in the business of making love to the Universe.

Nothing else matters.

Want to get more humans embodied?

Embody Teacher Training begins in July.

This is an investment in yourself, your community and the future of the planet.

It’s also really fucking fun. Ask my current Teachers.

I’m taking applications this week.

If you are on the East Coast, I am looking to add an NYC in-person weekend that you can swap out instead of coming to San Diego in October. If you are interested, apply this week so I can gauge interest and save you some travel costs!

A vulnerable share:

A vulnerable share:

The more time passes…
The more I experience the rollercoaster of life…
The more I strip away the layers that aren’t me & embody the pieces that are…

The more I realize that all that matters is singing, dancing & evoking an orgasmic state.

That’s it.

Gabrielle Roth, whose work with 5 Rhythms has deeply inspired mine once said:

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: “When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?”

If that isn’t the truth.

I recently received a message from the feminine during a tantric energy session. She kept saying over and over again “I need a miracle”.

It can sometimes feel like we need a miracle.

But we have it at our fingertips. The miracle of remembering. Remembering our essence, our oneness, our truth… through dance, through song, through silence and through the story of our bodies.

At Embody, we believe this miracle is the embodied womxn.

We believe the deepest healing work we can embrace is the work of returning to our bodies. This remembering that we are part of nature. This remembering that we are all one. That there is no distinction between you and me, between humans and animals, between our throbbing hearts and the life force that blooms a flower.

When we can remember, through our bodies, that we are all just love, life force and empty spaces that make up the illusion of physical matter. When we can remember that all that matters is singing, dancing and feeling, that’s when we create the miracle.

Embody is one beautiful way to bring this to your life and your community…

Whether you are a coach, a healer, a movement instructor or simply a champion of aliveness, facilitating this experience is one way to answer Mother Earth’s cry for a miracle.

Join the 2019 Training. We start in July.

Details here.