Do you have a pebble in your Louboutins?

Do you have a pebble in your Louboutins?

“Got a pebble in my shoe, ouch
Got a pebble in my shoe, ouch
Got a pebble in my shoe, ouch
I gotta keep dancing all the time

How’d it ever get in my little toesy?
Never thought a pebble could be so nosy
Gotta shake it out of my little hosey” – Ella Fitzgerald

Ever have a pebble your shoe?


I would often realize this in the middle of my NYC commute as I stood on the platform waiting for the next train.

Most of the time, we don’t handle it… there are all sorts of stories that come up about why we can’t:

“I’ll wait till I get to my next stop.”

“It’s not polite”

“I don’t want to lean on any of these nasty MTA surfaces in fear of getting a skin disease.” (Well, this last one might be true…)

But cmon guys, this is SILLY!

Why would we NOT handle something that is driving us crazy that actually has an easy solution?!

This came up with a client yesterday as she was saying “YES!” to another 6 months of working with me.

We were talking about how often people are running around with a metaphorical pebble in their shoe and they will do ALL these things to try and pretend it’s not there. When really all they need to do is bend down and take that mofo out of there… and aaahhhh (exhale) bliss.

The systems in the world teach us a particular paradigm of living:

Work hard,
Follow the rules
Get rewarded with money so you can buy the most beautiful things.

Like the hottest pair of Louboutins.

(It’s my bday in a few weeks so if anyone wants to purchase these puppies for me…They’re only $1143 SECOND HAND lol)

We get to a place in our lives where we realize we are not happy. Something is paining us. We have a pebble in our shoe.

And what I see happening is that people are programmed to address this by working harder, following the rules more and when they get their reward money…

Buying a pair of Louboutins.

Well, a freakin pair of hot AF *cue drooling * Loubs with a pebble in it does NOT upgrade your life.

I mean, granted you look hotter while in pain but your a** is in pain.

Now, because we are currently in a place in our human evolution where we are in between paradigms….

Where the old paradigm is no longer working…

And the world is not fully set up for the new paradigm yet…

Anyone who truly wants fullfillment, freedom and happiness in their life MUST stop and do the less socially-acceptable thing: Take that shoe off and take out that f*cker.

So if you spent years setting up your life according to the systems in place and you are currently experiencing the “Pebble-in-your-Loubs Syndrome”, you may just need a year of slowing down, hiring a coach and truly taking inventory of what your pebbles are and creating a gameplan to eliminate them.

It’s so easy to justify NOT working with a coach:
“Investing 10k would kill me”
“It’s just one big scam industry”
“Next year I’ll have the money”
and so on…

But as long as that pebble is in there, you aren’t truly present to ANYTHING around you. You cannot focus, breathe or truly get embodied (because if you did you would feel the pain).

Not spending a year looking at your life, taking inventory and redesigning it to align with your values and DEEPEST DESIRES is like walking around with that pebble, swallowing Advils, sucking it up and pretending you are fine as you nod approvingly at the beautiful view that your friend is pointing out.

Now, imagine the exhale that comes after removing that pebble.


I’m opening my coaching practice to a handful of womxn who are ready to spend all of 2020 stepping into a life filled with their authentic expression, feminine leadership and embodied power.

A life that actually mirrors the depths of yearning in their heart.
A life that can feel sweet even when life is handing you shots of bitter.
A life that can feel liberating even as you juggle all your kick-*ss projects.

A life where you can have your Loubs and enjoy the view.
A life where you don’t have to sacrifice this for that.
A life where you can be YOU.

A life that feels like yours.