What No One is Telling you about Why It’s Not Working!

What No One is Telling you about Why It’s Not Working!

In all my years of being both a student and teacher of embodiment, I’ve learned that nothing is more efficient in terms of changing deep patterns in your life than going straight to your body and breaking habitual patterns.

Whether structural patterns, nervous system patterns or muscular patterns – you have to adjust the inside “wiring” BEFORE you wonder why the outcomes aren’t what you expected.

You are not broken. Your mission is not irrelevant and no, the Universe isn’t punishing you for being a mean girl in high school.

Whether your mission is six-figure income, a sexy partner or self-actualization, it’s all the same.

You have to oil the machine, upgrade the software, address the system itself BEFORE berating yourself for your shitty results.

This is why I call my work Embodiment Coaching

(instead of Life Coaching or Leadership Coaching or Relationship Coaching.) 

It’s not that I don’t support all of those things. In fact, most of my current clients are working with me to support their leadership or their relationship – and we are just doing it THROUGH the body.

The body is the vehicle.

I coach people who want to move from a place of just surviving to truly thriving. 

Who want to take the mundane and turn it magical…

Who have the will, the vision and the passion…

But are missing some simple embodiment tools that will upgrade their entire experience…

Whether they are wanting to feel sexier in their dating lives,

Wanting to feel more powerful in their business,

Or wanting to create more impact and love with their presence.

Here are some places to start…

Want to feel more feminine? 
Play with SWIRLING, FLOWING, curvy movements. WATER in your veins.

Want to expand your freedom? 
Begin with embodying LIGHTNESS and AIR.

Want to feel more clear?
Work on finding your BALANCE and CENTER through the chaos. EARTH in your feet. Can you feel your BOUNDARIES?

Want to find your power? 
Find the FIRE in your body. SOVEREIGNTY in your movements. What does your YES feel like in your body? What about your NO?

Want to truly be able to let go?

Allow for ECSTASY in your EXHALE. Give yourself permission to make the mundane magical and to find the sensations of everything around you as though it were God/dess loving you.

Want to feel sexier?

Create more space and capacity for PLEASURE in your body. Through your touch, taste, sound and scent?

Want to trust more?

Work on following your stretch into uncertainty and allowing for your body to show you what’s possible. To allow your body to move out of habitual patterns, through uncertainty and into what’s possible.

This is Embodiment Coaching.

I’m very lucky to have a 1:1 coaching practice that is currently full.

However, we do have TWO spots left in my year-long mentorship program which begins February. 

This is the only way to work with me 1-on-1 at the moment.

It’s a carefully-curated journey where you dance through being a student of embodiment, training as a teacher of embodiment and leave as an embodied leader.

In addition to 9 private coaching sessions, you also receive bi-monthly calls with an intimate group of women who are all visionaries like yourself, struggling with the same stories, thoughts and patterns and wanting the same feelings of expansion & ease, confidence & impact, sensuality and pleasure in their lives (and business.)

You walk away certified to TEACH Embodiment as an Embody Teacher and use these tools in whatever practice or business you run, for yourself, your clients and the world around you.

Read more about what’s included and how to apply HERE.