The Call-Out Olympics

The Call-Out Olympics

Right now, the world is being run by a bunch of children.

Everywhere I look, I see triggered children passing laws,
triggered children on their podiums pontificating with the facts-du-jour,
triggered children fighting each other on social media.

I’ve been watching these phenomena for months.

Listen up, kids.

This world is a f*cking mess. And we are not going to dismantle systems and clean up this planet when we are all acting like children. We have serious work to do right now.

Every single system we are trying to dismantle was built on shame, fear and power play.
We cannot dissolve these systems with the SAME energy that they FEED on.

Social change needs our hearts.
Social change needs us to work from a place of love, not fear,
Regulation not trigger,
Compassion not cancel culture.

Social change needs some adults in the room. 

Are you going to be one of them?

If you are convinced you really care, stop messing around on Facebook with your call-out olympics and take some time to feel your breath and your heart.

Your heart… remember that?

Probably not. Because we are all running around trying to solve the world’s biggest problems to the backdrop to the largest collective trauma chapter in this century.
Our nervous systems’ think EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is the enemy.
It’s not rational anymore. It’s what our sympathetic nervous system is there to do. Protect us from danger.
So now everyone is the enemy.
And when our animal bodies are in fight or flight there is no space for curiosity or compassion.

This is not sustainable.

We must believe in each other to make significant strides. We must be on the same team. Fighting each other is doing nothing except leaking everyone’s energy.

We’ve gotten trapped in a dictated formula of how to be a good human which really is seeming more and more like a recipe for shame, a cesspool for re-traumatizing and a toxic potion of performance…

Do you want to be doing ANYTHING from a place of fear, or a place of love?

There is a time and place to wallow,
to allow yourself to feel like shit,
to allow your inner Child to throw a tantrum…

And then there’s a time to bring the adult back online. You can’t have your inner Child running the show. The way to do that is regulation of your nervous system.

What do you need to soothe your inner Child?
So you, the adult leader can come and stand for love?
Not a place of fear. Not a place of trigger. Not a place of dysregulation.

Find your heart, your sovereignty.
Trust your body and your intuition.
And let’s stop f*cking around and fix what’s wrong.

… With heart.